Schengen Visa Requirements for UK Citizens and ILR Holders

Schengen Visa Requirements for UK Citizens and ILR Holders

The indefinite leave to remain, ILR, is a UK visa for settlement. It guarantees that its holder is given an immigration status following living in the UK under a temporary Visa. The status is only given to a person without the right of abode within the UK. The ILR enables its holder to live, work and study without time limits. Still, they can move in and out of the UK anytime.

Now you have a hint about the ILR; if you hold or are just a UK resident, the big question is whether you can use it to travel to Schengen. Indeed, ILRs, the UK obtained are the only types of ILR that allow one to get to Schengen Visa-free.

But that’s not all. Arrangements must be made if you are an ILR holder or UK resident before you get to Schengen. And so, to speak, below we will talk about the prerequisites; hang on.

What are the eligibility criteria for Brits to get Schengen Visa?

The UK immigration permit you possess must first be active for at least 3 months after the date that you want to depart the Schengen zone. All Schengen consulates in the UK are not open to nonresidents, including travelers and tourists present in the country on visas. They can alternatively submit an application for Schengen visas at the relevant Schengen embassies in their countries.

The required documents for Schengen visa for UK ILR Holders application

The Schengen states have their consulates in the UK. While requirements may differ, there is a commonality in the documents needed for Schengen visa for ILR holders. This includes:

·    A passport or other relevant traveling paperwork. Also, confirm that the passport age is about a decade old.

·    There are two completely vacant pages in your passport-one again for visa stamping and one more for unused.

.           A current UK identification card or resident permit. The genuine passport must bear the UK resident permit’s endorsement or a recent biometric Identity.

·    Each applicant should submit a single application filled and verified with a signature.

·    One passport-sized photo displays all of the facial characteristics, has a light backdrop and is colorful. Your application paperwork must be attached to the photo, which cannot be older than half a year.

·    A document of introduction outlining the objective of the trip to Schengen

·    Documentation of your travel arrangements, such as round-trip airline tickets, travel itineraries, or other evidence of your intended mode of transportation (suppose you are to visit more than one Schengen if the trip is covering them all with non-Schengen countries )

·    Insurance coverage for traveling, covering you in Schengen in the event of illness and repatriation. The coverage costs about €30.000 over the internet on the AXA Schengen web.

  • You have to provide Hotel bookings or documentation of tour membership.

·    The latest UK account balance or traveler’s check statement indicating at least £55 per individual a day was expended outside the Schengen region.

Requirements for other residents in the UK:

Provided that you are employed, you must present a letter of recommendation from a previous employer in the UK attesting to the following details: salary, hiring time, role, and vacation days. It should be indicated if your employment period isn’t more than 3 months.

Independent contractors

For independent contractors, you need a letter not more than three months specifying your Professional endeavors, Commencement, and Job registration. Also, the letter will detail Income with the VAT certificates attached.

International students studying in the UK

Students will need to present an official letter from their school, college, or university that details their studies and attendance history and is current (less than three months old).

Retired persons

As for retired persons, applicants must present the most recent six-month pension statement.

Applicants married to a UK citizen but unemployed.

In such contexts, A legal marriage certification document is needed. Also, the applicant has to show proof of employment of their spouse. The proof includes the role held inside the organization, the date of employment, and the Couple’s current passport; Lastly, the State Office of the nation that granted the marriage license or its consulate within the UK will have to stamp the certificate provided that it was issued out of EU.

Where should I apply for the Schengen in the United Kingdom?

As for the application destination, Schengen has requirements that define the Embassies or Consulates in the UK. It all hinges on the intended use and duration of stay. However, for a visa to enter a Schengen nation, one must go to the consulates representing that nation.

·    If you want to travel to more Schengen countries, you should apply at the embassies or consulates of the country you will stay the longest.

·    If you want to spend an equivalent amount of time in multiple Schengen countries, you must apply to the embassies of the Schengen nation you plan to visit first.

·    A residency permit, not the Schengen visas, is required if you want to remain in Schengen for a period exceeding 3 months. Usually, the homepage of the relevant embassy will have directions on how to get the permit.

What’s the Right time for me to file my application?

Typically, 15 days prior to the desired trip to Europe is the ideal period of opportunity to file for the Schengen visas in the UK. However, applying six months prior to the desired vacation date is preferable to avoid being in a rush. The same works best for multiple visa holders.

Schengen visa for UK ILR Holders application procedure

You must schedule appointments with the appropriate country’s embassy within London to complete your application. You must physically visit the Consulate or Embassy or apply through reputable organizations like VFS.

Schengen visa from UK duration of processing

Your application must be finalized within two weeks from the submission date with the relevant British Embassy. However, the time frame may be extended to one month, depending on the embassy. Either way, you have to apply for the Schengen Visa earlier enough.

Is it possible to fast-track Schengen visa UK application?

Yes, it’s possible to fast-track the application under the right circumstances. That may be

1.   Applicants with family members who are EEA or EU citizens

2.   Situations involving serious medical emergencies

Note; that there are more applications at the embassy during summer and winter. So make your application early enough.

The Schengen visa from UK fees

The cost of applying for Schengen visas in the UK may range from 36.5 pounds for kids between the ages of 6 – 12 and 51pounds going upwards for the elderly. For specifics, check the table below.


 Brit fee


  The elderly



  Kids of 6-12 years of age



  Kids below six years

 No fees

 No fees

Wrapping up

So now that’s it. When it comes to anything pertaining to Schengen visas for UK ILR Holders or UK residents, it’s all a matter of paperwork. When employed, your criterion is different from marriages or self-employed people. Again, requirements are common across the different Schengen country embassies. It will help if you check those mentioned above. Retrospectively, Filing your application six months before your intended visit is not a requirement, yet it’s a smart option.

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