How To Introduce essential Oil In Your Routine

How To Introduce essential Oil In Your Routine

The start of a self-care journey is not exactly a drive-through; you must research the appropriate products and display a sense of intentionality in incorporating them into your busy routines.

CBD oil tincture is a must-have for anyone looking to improve their overall quality of life.

So now, let’s say you just recently purchased CBD oil tincture, but you are either inconsistent in the t know how to use it.

Here’s a guide to introducing CBD oils into your daily routines.

11 Ways To Introduce CBD Oils In Your Routine

Be Intentional

The road to self-care is one that you take alone. The first way to introduce CBD oil tincture into your routine is to be true to yourself, research for clarity, or even consult your doctor.

This is because there will always be excuses for why you didn’t take it, but if you are intentional about improving the quality of your life, those excuses will not matter.

Have Clear Objectives

The use of CBD oil tincture provides many benefits for users. So, before you embark on the self-care journey, you should be able to ascertain the benefit you want to gain from the usage.

That will be the drive that will push you into consistency.

Long-term Development

“Everything good is worth the wait” applies to the usage of CBD oil tincture. With the appropriate dosage intake and steadfast consistency, you will see the results in no time.

While taking it, you should not expect rapid changes but rather ward self-care development in months.

Keep A Bottle In Your Toilet Cupboard

To incorporate it into your routine, always have a bottle inside the cupboard containing your toiletries. This is because you cannot go a day without using them, so each time you open the cupboard to shower or shave, you will see the CBD oil tincture standing right next to it.

This will save you the excuse of “I was rushing to work and forgot.”

Cook With The CBD 

The active ingredient and excipients used in the production of CBD oil tincture are both heat-resistant. Therefore, we can easily incorporate them into the making of dishes.

Please wait until the dish is done, then serve it on a plate before dropping the appropriate drops of the CBD oil tincture and then singing.

Add The CBD Delight Into Your Coffee

Taking a cup of coffee every morning is common among the working class. So why not add your dosage of CBD oil tincture into your coffee before taking it?

Bear in mind that the addition has no repercussions on the individual, and the mechanism of action will not be altered.

Keep A Bottle In Your Gym Bag

A countermeasure to prevent excuses for not taking CBD oil tincture always has a bottle in your gym bag.

This is for gym enthusiasts that work out every day before work. When they arrive at the gym and are gearing up to kickstart a session, they will see the bottle and remember to take their daily dosage. 

Add Into Your Favorite Drinks

If you are a fitness enthusiast who kickstarts every morning with a protein drink or smoothie, why not add CBD oil tincture to the drink while making it?

This way, you will certainly not miss a dosage as the intake is incorporated into your daily life.

Select The Best Time To Take It

Everything depends on the location, whether in the toilet cupboard to take in the morning, on the centre table for the afternoon intake, or close to the night lamp.

Some people are so preoccupied during the daytime that they forget to take it. So, on your own, choose the best time to take the CBD oil tincture.

Keep A Bottle At Your Workplace

If you can not guarantee regular intake at home, then take it to your workplace. Keep a bottle in your work cupboard, and you can take the administered dosage during lunch breaks.

Purchase More Than One Bottle

It is advisable for very busy people always to have more than one bottle of CBD oil tincture. They should be placed in strategic places you regularly visit when purchased.

For example, a bottle in your car, room, and workplace.


The CBD oil tincture offers users various benefits, and strict dosage intake adherence is advised.

This article has shown different ways of incorporating the intake of CBD oil into our daily routine.

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