5 Clothing Essentials You Need to Ride a Motorcycle

5 Clothing Essentials You Need to Ride a Motorcycle

Riding is a great way to see the world through different eyes. You can get fresh air, enjoy beautiful scenery, and travel with the wind in your face. It’s a great alternative to taking a long car trip and gives you some control over where you want to go while driving a vehicle. One thing that makes motorcycles unique is their style; when you’re riding one, there’s no need for bulky layers of clothing or uncomfortable helmets because it’s just as much about being comfortable on the bike as it is about being stylish on the street.

1. Hoodie

You need a hoodie that’s comfortable and warm. A motorcycle can be a chilly environment, especially in the winter when the wind-chill factor is so low that it’s almost nothing. On top of that, it’s not uncommon for you to get drenched during spring weather in the Midwest. With this in mind, there are few things better than being comfortable and warm on everything from a ride through the park to an out-of-town trip without having to worry about putting on another layer of clothing beforehand. Wearing the best woobie hoodie will keep your head and heart warm and will keep the wind from biting at exposed skin.

2. Gloves

Gloves are another must-have from the list of motorcycle clothing items. First of all, being able to wear gloves will help you get that perfect grip on the handlebars. They also help protect your hands from the cold, which makes them essential for riding in the winter. Second, they help keep the road spray off your body and keep your hands warm so you won’t constantly be reaching for more warmers or grabbing a bottle of water to drink at stoplights on trips where you’re planning on being outside for a while.

3. Insulated jacket

This motorcycle jacket is incredibly versatile and lightweight, and it provides warmth for those chilly days or fall rides. It’s a jacket you’ll want to wear with the hood up so that it stays off your neck when you’re riding for long periods of time. This provides you with the option to remove it and throw it over your bike seat in case you have to stop unexpectedly.

4. Casual shirt

It’s always best to have a couple of casual shirts on hand in case you run into someone at a bar or some other form of gathering where you feel like dressing up fancier than usual. You could also wear one with a long-sleeved bike t-shirt when the weather is warmer outside. The best part about this casual shirt for motorcycle riders is that it goes well with just about everything, whether it’s a long sleeve t-shirt or a collared shirt.

5. Stretchable pants

If you’ve ever ridden a motorcycle, you know that it’s hilly terrain, so wear comfortable pants that make you feel like your legs are in constant motion. That’s especially true if you’re riding on the opposite side of your body as the bike is traveling down or up. That means if you have long legs and your seat is positioned to the right, try to make sure they’re comfortable enough to ride for a while before putting them on.


There are many different styles of pants to choose from, and this article only covered the must-have pieces for riding a motorcycle. You can be as casual as you want with this list or go for a more stylish look. Remember to pick comfortable, warm, and tough motorcycle-friendly clothing that you feel good wearing both on and off the bike.

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