12 Popular Flowers for Your Bridal Bouquet

12 Popular Flowers for Your Bridal Bouquet

Today there is a huge selection of flowers for brides. There are so many of them, sometimes it is difficult to decide. When choosing a wedding bouquet, you should take into account all the little things. Think about the appropriateness of a certain flower in a celebration, the meaning of flowers, and matching the image of the bride as a whole. Turning to florists, you can be sure that experts will create the perfect bouquet.

How to Choose a Bridal Bouquet

A few simple tips will help you choose the right types of flowers for weddings:

  • Brides of short stature should give preference to small neat bouquets instead of long and voluminous compositions.
  • Long waterfall bouquets will suit tall girls.
  • Curvaceous brides are better off choosing large and elongated designer bouquets. A small beam can unsuccessfully emphasise the features of the figure.
  • For bright brunettes and brown-haired women, a mix of dark juicy shades with splashes of lighter ones harmoniously looks.
  • Fair brides should use powdery and soft colours such as pink, creamy, sandy, peach, and light blue.

Top 10 Flowers for a Wedding Bouquet

We offer a list of top-10 flowers that make stylistically mature and beautiful wedding bouquets.

1. Roses

The red rose symbolises love, loyalty, and beauty. You can buy roses all year round. They have a faint smell and thousands of varieties. These are versatile and excellent flowers for native bridal bouquets.

The rose is considered the most popular wedding flower. Loved by poets and writers, the rose is indispensable in wedding floristry. It suits any style, fits into any composition, and by itself, without any additions, looks great.

2. Lilies

Lily is a symbol of love and innocence. No wonder wedding bouquets of lilies are second in popularity, after roses.

Beautiful exquisite lilies are perfect for a wedding bouquet. Delicate pastel shades tell about purity. The graceful shape of the flower symbolises the tender and quivering soul of the bride.

There are over 500 shades of colour. Therefore, each bride will definitely be able to find her own unique flowers for the wedding bouquet. You can learn more about beautiful lilies.

3. Orchids

Orchid is an original flower for weddings. An old legend says that this rare flower of unearthly beauty comes from the sky. The main positive qualities of an orchid bouquet are a huge number of shapes, sizes, and colour palettes. So that every bride can choose the perfect flower arrangement for her image.

The meaning of these flowers lies in wealth, beauty, and sophistication. Orchids symbolise family comfort, love, and the beginning of something new.

4. Callas

Calla symbolises rebirth, purity, and nobility. It is believed that this flower will bring many beautiful and pure moments to the newlyweds’ life.

The plant is perfectly preserved even without water. This makes callas a good choice for a bridal bouquet where the flowers need to be out of water for a long time. Therefore, callas are one of the few flowers that are ideal for summer weddings.

5. Tulips

Delicate tulips are most often associated with spring, although they are considered an all-season flower. A huge number of varieties and a rich colour palette give room for creativity and the implementation of the most daring ideas.

Tulips symbolise sincerity, happiness, and openness. The strict shape of the bud perfectly complements the minimalist wedding dress. The combination of white and red tulips looks incomparable. The plant has a truly wide range of colours. These are stable flowers, they can be combined in different bouquets both romantic and exotic.

6. Peonies

Peonies are lush, delicate, and elegant flowers. They are in great demand among brides all over the world. From peonies, you can make both a mono-bouquet and a flower arrangement. And in any case, the peonies will look great. They can be ordered without problems in late spring and early summer. In the rest of the year, it is more difficult to find them. Peonies are included in wedding bouquets because depending on the colour, they can symbolise tenderness, purity, romantic love, respect, prosperity, and joy in life.

7. Daisies

Daisies is a name of flowers for wedding that have long been associated with naivete, modesty, and simplicity. With their appearance, daisies hint at the innocence of the bride’s soul and her young carelessness. Flowers speak of sincere feelings for the chosen one. It is believed that daisies attract good luck, helping to make the right choice when it comes to marriage.

8. Sunflowers

Sunflower is a beautiful, sunny, and elegant flower, undeservedly forgotten by modern brides. It is rarely found in wedding bouquets but it can become a bright decoration of any flower arrangement. A wedding bouquet with sunflowers looks very stylish, bright, and elegant.

The flowers have a bright yellow colour, which is like the light of the sun. The long petals of the flower are like its warm rays. Due to this similarity, the plant symbolises the sun, warmth, joy, optimism, happiness, and vitality.

9. Gardenias

Gardenias are delicate white flowers that symbolise trust, so they are perfect for creating wedding bouquets. If you are looking for a romantic solution for your image, then gardenias are the most suitable choice.

These beautiful flowers can be used in bouquets in a variety of ways. You can combine them with bright-coloured flowers or leave them in their original form. Both will have a stunning effect.

10. Anemones

In the language of flowers, anemone means emotionality, sincerity, hope, and joy. A bouquet with anemones symbolises the intention to arrange a holiday. This is a wonderful option for a wedding.

Especially popular are white anemones with a black centre. Such a combination can be a great continuation of the classic black groom’s suit and a white bride’s dress.

11. Chrysanthemums

A bouquet of chrysanthemums is a symbol of vulnerability, tenderness, and mystery. This flower is called the “Queen of Autumn” because it combines the bright shades of summer and the coolness of winter.

White chrysanthemums, like other flowers of the same shade, symbolise purity and naivety. Classics are always appreciated and do not go out of fashion. The image of the bride itself is gentle and feminine, and chrysanthemums will make it spectacular and unique.

12. Hydrangeas

Hydrangea is considered one of the best wedding plants. It can play a major role or create a great backdrop for other flowers in a bride’s bouquet.

The inconspicuous and delicate hydrangea is a female flower of success, a symbol of modesty and fidelity of the bride, her beauty, and her youth. My Flowers florists will help you choose the most suitable flowers for the wedding bouquet, which will make the bride look perfect!

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