Introducing Noor 1 Restorative Eye Cream

Introducing Noor 1 Restorative Eye Cream

With such delicate skin, the eyelids and surrounding area can be one of the first regions of the face to show signs of aging, typically with the development of fine lines, wrinkles, dark circles, sagging, puffiness and uneven texture.

Noor 1 Restorative Eye Cream is specially designed to increase moisture in the delicate eye area, providing much needed hydration, as well as an infusion of beauty-boosting natural ingredients. Incorporating specialised molecules called ‘peptides’, Noor 1 Restorative Eye Cream helps to reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness, minimising fine lines and wrinkles.

Made in small batches using natural ingredients that have been revered for centuries, Noor 1 Restorative Eye Cream’s bioactive formula incorporates botanical extracts and living enzymes that are bursting with age-defying qualities, dramatically diminishing the appearance of crow’s feet and reducing dark circles to leave the eyes noticeably brighter and younger looking.

Noor 1 Restorative Eye Cream is perfect for tightening and brightening the eye area without exposing such delicate skin to harsh synthetic ingredients. Carrot seed oil nourishes and rejuvenates, while aloe soothes and protects. Date palm extract hydrates, plumping the skin, diminishing wrinkles and making the eyes appear more youthful. Meanwhile, safflower and hyaluronic acid help to preserve the skin’s natural barrier, locking in nutrients and moisture.

For best results, apply a single pump of Noor 1 Restorative Eye Cream, gently smoothing this easily absorbed cream across the entire eye area, including the upper and lower lids, while avoiding direct contact with the eyes.

Noor 1: Championing Responsible Beauty

Noor 1 was launched with the mission of pioneering the natural luxury skincare market, combining age-old Ayurvedic wisdom with the latest technologies to produce a comprehensive suite of skincare products with unparalleled standards of efficacy, quality and purity.

Global warming has been driving environmental changes that threaten permanent degradation of both human communities and natural ecosystems. Sea levels are rising, with acidification, ocean-warming and extreme weather events threatening the future of the planet.

With these higher stakes, Noor 1 recognises its responsibility to up the ante in terms of its environmental commitments. To that end, the company has pledged to transform its activities, respecting the planet’s limits, with the ultimate goal of become a carbon neutral company by 2030.

Recognising that it is no longer enough for businesses to adhere to self-set environmental policies, Noor 1 has placed a focus on ensuring its activities are respectful of ‘planetary boundaries’, i.e. what environmental scientists says the planet is capable of withstanding. Noor 1 has set bold, measurable targets to work towards, with its environmental strategies covering aspects such as water, climate, natural resources and biodiversity.

Over the past decade, consumer expectations of the role companies play in society have changed dramatically. Noor 1 is committed to taking on greater responsibility, going beyond mere transformation of its business model and embarking on a new sustainability programme – demonstrating that companies can be part of the solution to some of the most pressing social and environmental challenges seen today.

Noor 1 is a trailblazer in climate-neutral beauty, providing consumers with environmentally responsible choices without compromising on product quality. In recent years, progressive brands like Noor 1 have heard and responded to changing consumer demands, recognising the importance of creating a positive rather than negative impact in terms of the environment, society and the world as a whole.

Noor 1 has made ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ its mantra, pursuing alternatives to plastic; switching to lightweight, recyclable packaging; and replacing conventional dyes and inks with non-petroleum-based alternatives. Noor 1 is one of a handful of beauty brands to commit to climate neutrality, taking measurable steps towards reducing its carbon footprint and making a positive contribution to people and the planet.

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