Growing pains? Why your website needs VPS hosting

Growing pains? Why your website needs VPS hosting

It’s a wonderful thing to see your website become successful. You’re witnessing massive traffic, increased conversions, and, most importantly, awesome sales! It’s absolutely fantastic except for one problem – your shared hosting solution can’t handle the heat.

This is already a frustrating problem for a website experiencing new success. Now, imagine if you were to expand your website, adding new features, pages and a savvy marketing campaign? It could cause a system meltdown that would inhibit the unbridled success you are seeking to achieve!

As such, you need to upgrade to VPS hosting, and here is exactly why:

  • It provides cost-efficient growth

Any growing business must monitor its IT spend. Thankfully, VPS cloud servers provide a midway solution between dedicated and shared hosting in regards to cost and capacity. It provides an effective solution that allows you to grow within your means and without exceeding your means.

The provided package versatility is perfect for your business as you won’t have to worry about spending too much just to accommodate your growth. You simply need to consult with the cloud hosting provider to find a solution that is perfect for your budget and needs.

  • It makes operating apps easy

This awesome solution provides total control over your computing environment. It is completely independent from other networks sharing the physical server and contains its own operating system. Therefore, you can run whatever apps you want provided they work with your network. You can even choose which operating system you would like to run to further optimise your computing environment.

Furthermore, you can configure your server to combine with your website’s requirements and without any host restrictions. This solution provides one figuration for each user. This allows for further optimisation as you have the ability to design your server in a way that is suitable for your business.

  • Forget the downtime

The VPS is virtual despite being hosted on a physical server. This means it contains no physical components. Therefore, if the physical server experiences an outage, the VPS can be rapidly rebooted through a different physical system. This means that all your applications will stay online and this is essential for businesses which require 24/7 application access. 

  • Forget neighbour drain

A problem that users faced with traditional hosting was neighbour drain. This is where one website’s heavy performance drains the performance ability of others. Naturally, this causes poor performance for the websites experiencing the drainage.

Thankfully, this solution exists to alleviate that problem. Although the network is still shared, each individual system is provided with dedicated resources that other websites cannot syphon. This ensures your website is allocated the bandwidth, CPU, memory and storage capacity to run efficiently despite any other website performance.

  • It is highly secure

VPS is one of the most secure digital solutions. Therefore, you can rest-assure that your growing website is protected despite this whirlwind experience. Other solutions are more susceptible to hacking or infection and this can be problematic for growing websites. This is because the apps and data stored are separate from other users. This means that you won’t fall victim to any other website’s hacking or infection as cybercriminals cannot gain access through that website’s users.

So, if you’re experiencing growing pains, then you know which solution is perfect for alleviating the problem. This solution can provide you the flexibility to grow in the safest way possible. It will also ensure that downtime is effectively-alleviated in this exceptionally busy period. Therefore, you can trust that this solution has your business’s best interests as paramount, and will help you achieve awesome new success!

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