A Haven of Support: How Chad Richison Hope Lodge Serves Cancer Patients and Caregivers

A Haven of Support: How Chad Richison Hope Lodge Serves Cancer Patients and Caregivers

The American Cancer Society Chad Richison Hope Lodge in Oklahoma City has made significant strides in improving the lives of cancer patients all over the United States. Since its establishment in August 2023, the Chad Richison Hope Lodge has provided free lodging to patients and caregivers from 56 Oklahoma counties and eight states.

According to recent statistics, it has collectively provided guests with over 4,000 nights of shelter in Oklahoma City, saving them more than half a million dollars. Here’s why the lodge is a reliable service provider for cancer patients and caregivers.

Strategic Location

Before building the site, the American Cancer Society (ACS) made crucial considerations when choosing a location. They appointed a site selection committee of ACS leaders and volunteers to evaluate proposals. Ultimately, the committee chose the property on the University of Oklahoma (OU) Health Science campus due to the land’s central location, capacity to cater to the large volume of patients who need lodging assistance and OU Health’s generous donation of the parcel of land to ACS.


For a cancer care lodging facility to function effectively, it must be able to acquire the needed funding from reliable sources. In its early fundraising efforts, the Chad Richison Hope Lodge secured supporters after sending out 100 letters of interest in a feasibility study. Chad Richison, Paycom’s co-CEO, president and chairman, personally gave $5 million, the capstone gift of the $16.5 million fundraising campaign.

Today, the facility and ACS staff raise a $960,000 budget annually in collaboration with philanthropists, state foundations and community partners in the corporate arena.

Proximity to Treatment Facilities

Cancer patients commonly encounter medical emergencies, highlighting the necessity of having a dependable health center nearby the lodging facility, accessible ‘round the clock.

One significant benefit of the Chad Richison Hope Lodge is its proximity to multiple treatment facilities in the metropolitan area, making it exceptionally convenient.

Proper Amenities

The Chad Richison Hope Lodge stands out for its ability to offer a home-like comfort, providing guests with private suites and bathrooms at no cost.With hotel-like amenities, including full-service kitchens, a fitness room, communal living areas and an outdoor garden, the experience at the lodge is unparalleled. Plus, dedicated staff are available 24/7 to address guests’ needs, enhancing their overall stay.

Simple Eligibility Criteria

Due to the specified purpose of the facility, there are a few requirements for admission. The Chad Richison Hope Lodge serves cancer patients undergoing active treatment who live at least 40 miles away from their care facility. Applying to become a guest at the lodge is simple — the patients’ social workers submit a lodging request. From there, patients wait for their request to be approved as the facility prioritizes guests based on the dates of application. The facility updates its waitlist daily, meaning each day offers an opportunity to secure a spot in the lodge.

Final Thoughts

The Chad Richison Hope Lodge provides a second home to cancer patients. The friendly staff is available to make life more manageable during a difficult time undergoing treatment. If you’re traveling to the area for cancer treatment but lodging expenses pose a challenge, the ACS Chad Richison Hope Lodge is ready to help.

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