UKIP Leader Blames Media for an Attack on One OF the Important Party Members »

Gerard Batten is one of the preeminent figures of UKIP party, which recently asked the British Muslims to sign a code of conduct. According to the statements of the politician, a brick was thrown through his window, a few days after making this statement. Nigel Farange, the president of the party, claims that the media [...]

Belfast Police Investigating Loyalists and Paramilitaries Organizations »

Belfast police investigates the possibility of paramilitaries loyalist’s organizations to be involved into racial crimes. The story is more interesting, because the organizations accused of those crimes might also be involved in drug traffic. During the last few weeks, the number of racial attacks increased in Belfast and in the vicinities. The police questioned three [...]

Alarming Youth Unemployment Help Startups »

The increasing rate of unemployment in the UK is not a surprise anymore. The generations that graduated college from 2009 to 2014 were not the most fortunate, especially because they woke up on a labour market that does not offer so many perspectives. Even if unemployment is slowly reduced, the new graduates are not eager [...]

Guards Found Guilty of Cannabis Traffic in Jail »

Brixton Prison is one of the most famous prisons in the United Kingdom, not because some famous convicted thief stays there, but because the name of the prison appears more and more often in different newspapers. This time, it is about Cannabis traffic, which might be encouraged and even sustained by guards. The chief of [...]

Three Generations of a Family Killed by Fire in Sheffield »

A faulty charger might be the cause of a ravaging fire, which destroyed the destiny of an entire family. The entire community is shocked. Thousands of people will participate to the funerals of the five deceased persons. The fire was spread instantly, leaving the people inside the home no chance to survive. According to the [...]

Ozzy Osbourne Invaded By Bats »

Ozzy Osbourne is known for his eccentricities, being known as the Prince of Darkness for his prodigious activity. Lately, he decided to take care of his impressive palace in Buckinghamshire, but it is not as easy as some might expect. Even if you have the money, sometimes nature is against you. This time, it is [...]

The Islamic Group Boko Haram Threatens UK Again   »

                                  The extremist Islamic group Boko Haram, active in Nigeria during the latest weeks, claimed the kidnapping of 276 girl students, and threatened to that they will sell the girls for prostitution. USA and Great Britain offered technical support [...]

The Most Expensive Contamination »

  Cocaine is so consumed lately in Great Britain, were it discovered traces of drug in the potable water, according to a recent report. The specialists believe that Great Britain is one of the European countries where huge quantities of cocaine are consumed.   The study was made by the Inspectorate for Potable Water in [...]

Britain Has No Intention of Limiting the Labour Market for Immigrants »

  Great Britain does not want to put barriers for the EU immigrants that want to work in the Albion, despite the controversies connected with this subject. This is the official statement of the British Prime Minister, David Cameron, according to The Telegraph. The declaration was made to fight the rumours spread by some tabloids, [...]

Scotland to Be Independent? What Would Happen Next? »

The boss of the London administration has not intention to resign if the September referendum will lead to the separation of Scotland from Great Britain, says Reuters. According to David Cameron, the “separation of the poor”, the Scottish, which are threatened to vote against the separation, only has a consultative purpose. Scotland will organize a [...]


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