For Brits Facing American Prison, Sam Mangel is Here to Help

For Brits Facing American Prison, Sam Mangel is Here to Help

Navigating the United States’ legal system is a daunting prospect, especially for British nationals who find themselves facing charges in an unfamiliar system. The differences in legal proceedings, detention conditions, and cultural environments can be overwhelming, and there are matters that may fall beyond the abilities of even the most talented criminal defense teams.

For those in this situation, there’s help in the form of what’s known as a federal prison consultant.

One such prison consultant is Sam Mangel, a Florida-based man who is regularly featured in Bloomberg, the New York Times, and CNN for his expertise dealing with the American prison system. Mangel assists high-profile white-collar offenders as they prepare for prison, while they serve their time, and when they re-enter society.

In recent months, Mangel says, he’s found an increasing number of clients calling from the United Kingdom.

“Differences in legal terminology, the process of plea bargaining, and the scale of potential penalties can be stark compared to what British citizens may have come to expect under United Kingdom law,” explains Mangel, “And of course, for foreign nationals who have found themselves in American legal trouble, the idea of serving time far from home adds a significant emotional burden, both for the individuals involved and their families abroad.”

Mangel works as a consultant alongside criminal defense teams, ideally integrating early in the process so he can begin what he calls “sentence mitigation.” Mangel’s pre-sentencing work includes the curation of personal character reference letters and the development of a personal narrative that can significantly influence sentencing outcomes.

Executed properly – and early enough – Mangel’s work can build a personal narrative that makes a tangible difference to a judge. And that means it makes a palpable difference in how much time – if any – a person may have to serve in prison.

Another key way in which Mangel can help British nationals facing American incarceration is in assisting with treaty transfers, a process which can allow British nationals to serve part of their sentences in the UK. This brings the incarcerated closer to their support networks which can greatly enhance their rehabilitation prospects, as well as making any sentence much easier.

Facilitating a smoother criminal justice journey is a cause near to Mangel’s heart because he has experienced the challenges of the U.S. prison system first-hand. Mangel was sentenced to sixty months in prison for insurance fraud, a sentence he was not expecting.

“Being sentenced to sixty months in prison and remanded directly into custody was jarring, to say the least,” shares Mangel, “I immediately got to work on how to get back to my family as quickly as possible, something I’m proud to say I was able to do in about two years.”

Mangel says he remembers how meaningful that success was for his loved ones and carries that with him as he serves his clients. This personalized, compassionate spirit drives his approach to each case, where he not only focuses on reducing sentences but also on improving the overall well-being of his clients during and after their incarceration.

Having a member of your legal team focused on delivering in this way can be especially impactful given the emotional and psychological strains that come with the stress of international incarceration.

For British nationals and all foreign nationals facing the daunting U.S. prison system, Sam Mangel’s name could be the first step towards navigating an impossibly difficult journey with confidence.

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