Drink driving penalties and what they mean for you 

Drink driving penalties and what they mean for you 

If it’s your first time committing a drink driving offence, it’s only natural if you aren’twon’t be aware of the possible consequences. 

Most people think you just can’t drive for a while, but this isn’t always the case. 

Today, we’ll delve into the possible drink driving penalties, including the long-standing impact.

Possible drink driving penalties

Depending on your alcohol intake, you will be sentenced to one of the below penalties: 

• 6 months in prison

• A fine of up to £5000

• Community service

• A 12 month driving disqualification (minimum) 

First-time offenders usually receive a driving ban and a fine, rather than a prison sentence or any type of community service. 

However, serial offenders are at risk of becoming high-risk offenders and receiving greater sentences (i.e. a larger fine, or longer prison sentence). 

How will a drink driving penalty affect me?

So, you’ve been given a drink driving penalty, but what now?

While it can be a nuisance to deal with the consequences, not many offenders realise it can have a lasting impact on your life. 


Having a criminal record can greatly impact the likelihood of getting a job in the future. 

However, with drink driving penalties, it depends on the nature of the job and the employer. 

For example, if you drive for a living, it’s unlikely you’ll be taken on again for a similar role, especially if it includes a ban or prison sentence. 

Many people find they are also sacked from their current position if they find themselves with a penalty.

Car insurance costs 

The cost of your insurance is likely to go up after receiving a penalty. 

When applying for insurance, you will need to disclose if you’ve had any points or bans issued in the past, which can increaseput your premiums up by a large percentage. 

Travel and obtaining visas 

Did you know a drink driving penalty can prevent you from travelling and obtaining visas?

Having any sort of conviction or points on your licence is classed as a criminal offence, which can therefore stop you from working, studying, or even just travelling to another country. 

And if you need a visa to go there, it can make the whole thing much more complex. 

What to do next 

The first thing you need to do when found guilty of drink driving is call a specialist drink driving solicitor. 

They know the law like the back of their hand and understand which parts to challenge to get their client the best possible outcome. 

While there isn’t a promise that you’ll leave the sentencing without a no penalty, you can get a reduced one. 

They’ll look at possible loopholes and faults in the police procedure. 

There are also a range of mitigating factors, including if the driver: 

• was a first time offender

• had a drink that was spiked

• is the primary carer for dependent relatives 

• and more!

Combined, you’ll get the sentence you deserve, reducing the likelihood of the penalty affecting your life too much. 

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