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    It frequently is amazing to me just how Blog owners such as your self can find some time and also the dedication to carry on Composing great posts your site http://www.newstoday.co.uk/4015/2011/12/tractors-of-yesteryear-raise-cash-air-ambulance/ is fantastic and one of my own need to read websites, I had been more than amazed with the blog post Tractors of yesteryear raise cash for Air Ambulance | NewsToday I simply want to say thanks and well done Best wishes

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    wendy szydlowska (nee ray)

    It was an interesting read and what a brilliant idea to raise money for the Air Ambulance. Well done Roger Perry for all the work you have contributed to make it a success, I used to know Roger many years ago and he still puts 110% into what he does.



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