34-stone man so fat docs couldn’t find his heart

A 34-STONE man so fat that doctors could not find his heart when they scanned him is on a mission to beat the blubber. 

Alan Belmont is determined to ditch his deadly diet of fatty foods and fizzy pop in favour of healthy meals and workouts in the gym. 

The 24-year-old of Warndon, Worcester, who wears size XXXXXL T-shirts and trousers said he wants to be half the man he currently is and slim down to about 15 stone so that he can once again ride a bicycle and play rugby – he used to play for Pershore Rugby Club’s third team. 

Mr Belmont said: “I went to the hospital recently and they told me they couldn’t find my heart and I thought to myself ‘I’m a dead man walking’. 

“When I get in cars I can’t get the seatbelt on so I would like to get myself fit. I would just like to be a normal person again.” 

Mr Belmont, who gets £267 a month in disability living allowance and is looking for a job, said he was a normal weight as a child until he was diagnosed with asthma at the age of six. 

He believes chemicals in the inhalers have contributed to his weight gain and despite trying to diet he was 20 stone by the time he left Blessed Edward Oldcorne Catholic College, Worcester. 

He says in recent times he would sit at home watching DVDs or playing on his PlayStation 3.  

He would skip breakfast in a bid to starve himself but would regularly eat lunch from the chip shop, eat ready meals or fatty foods with potatoes in the evening, and down a litre of fizzy drink everyday. 

“I need to stop it,” he said. “I try to eat healthy stuff now.” 

Mr Belmont is being helped by Mormons at the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints in Canada Way, Lower Wick, Worcester, a place where he was baptized about nine years ago but has only recently started attending again, as well as an old school friend, Lloyd Bond. 

Mr Bond, who is a personal trainer at Nuffield Health and Fitness Wellbeing Centre, Perdiswell, Worcester, is offering his services for free to help Mr Belmont not only slowly shed the stones but change his whole lifestyle. 

“We want to look at the bigger picture and get him training and eating properly so he knows what he’s doing for the rest of his life,” he said. 

Mr Bond’s mum, who runs the Alma Tavern in Droitwich Road, Worcester, has also offered to cook Mr Belmont a healthy lunch every day. 

While Mr Belmont, a former matchday steward for Worcester Warriors, has only had a couple of sessions in the gym his trainers have been impressed. 

Mr Belmont does want help, though, and anyone who is willing to donate clothes, money, or healthy food should call his carer John Power on 01905 381691.

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