Glastonbury Revellers Urged ‘Don’t Take Loo Roll’

Glastonbury Revellers Urged ‘Don’t Take Loo Roll’

REVELLERS getting ready to pack their rucksacks for Glastonbury are being urged NOT to take their own LOO ROLL – as they will be handed out free at the festival.

Although toilet rolls are on hand at the 700 portable loos at the legendary festival, many of the 190,000 music fans turn up with at least one roll – just in case their cubicle doesn’t have any paper left.

But this year, in a bid to increase the festival’s eco-credentials, organisers Michael Eavis has teamed-up with toilet tissue makers Nouvelle to provide revellers with free rolls.

As part of the plans for the ‘Greenest Glastonbury ever’ – the festival is aiming to recycle at least 60 per cent of the waste it produces, compared to last year’s 49 per cent.

As well as the free loo rolls – which are made with 100 per cent recycled papers – the festival is rewarding people who arrive on bikes by giving them a special camping area and discount vouchers at the food stalls.

A solar powered cow shed with 1,000 panels will provide enough electricity to meet the demand of 40 households – and will help power the huge stage sets of Beyonce, U2 and Coldplay.

A massive recycling barn will also allow revellers to recycle dump all of their recyclable materials – including bottles, cans and packaging – and an army of 80 volunteers will separate it to be recycled.

Nouvelle is providing more than 100,000 loo rolls and has promised that there will be ‘enough for everyone’ – meaning festival-goers don’t have to turn up with extra rolls stashed in their rucksacks.

Michael Eavis said today (Tue): “We’re encouraging people to be as green as possible at this year’s festival.

“We have put many new measures in to help us achieve this, not least by inviting Nouvelle on board as recycling partner to the festival, to give away free Nouvelle Soft recycled loo roll to festival goers.

“Nouvelle is providing one hundred thousand free loo rolls and our message is very simple – there will be more than enough for everyone, and more importantly, it will be the right kind of loo roll.”

Glastonbury regular Dave Jarman, 36, said: “For the past 10 years I’ve always taken at least two loo rolls with me just in case, but this year I can leave them at home and maybe pack another few pairs of socks instead of loo roll.”

The festival takes place over four nights from June 23 until June 26 – so runs in tandem with Recycle Week 2011.

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