Sex more popular for those in 50’s than those in 30’s

Sex more popular for those in 50’s than those in 30’s

MEN and women in their fifties rate sex as one of their favourite past-times, whilst for those in their thirties it barely registers in their top-ten interests, a survey has revealed.

Results, from a survey by PelvicToner, showed that along with gardening and eating out, sex tops the list of favourite past times for many people in their 50’s.

Middle-aged men and women alike see sex as great exercise and as a key to feeling young, it was claimed.

As the economy continues to slow, more expensive past times seem to have been dropped in favour of more budget-friendly alternatives.

Gardening topped the list, followed by eating-out and thirdly sex.

Cruises and holidays – usually popular with the over 50s – surprisingly didn’t feature in the top ten, but exercise such as walking and cycling proved popular.

Mother-of-two Christine Morris, 54, said since hitting 50 sex has gone up in her list of priorities.

Her children have grown up and left home, leaving her and her husband to enjoy each others company more often.

“Money is tight for everyone at the moment, and so finding things to do that cost little is important. Quality time with my husband is a top priority, as well as keeping fit. We often go hill-walking, and having an active sex life keeps me feeling young.”

The survey of over 1,000 people was conducted by PelvicToner – a device which strengthens women’s pelvic floor muscles to alleviate incontinence after pregnancy and improve their sex-lives.

Barry Fowler, managing director at PelvicToner, said: “we’ve seen an increase in our product being brought by women in their 50’s and 60’s looking to improve their sex lives.”

A device called PelvicToner which is available on prescription via the NHS

Craig Jackson, Head of Psychology at University of Birmingham also agreed that these developments are not entirely surprising, “it seems that women and men alike are now far more open about sex.”

“Up until recently magazines targeted at the over 50’s didn’t touch upon the subject of sex. Over the last few years these magazines have opened up, featuring this subject more often and promoting sex as part of a healthy lifestyle.”

“More talk of sex in popular literature, targeting this age group has made talking about sex and having an active and satisfying sex life over the age of 50 far more acceptable.”

Andy Carson, a Birmingham-based GP, said: An active sex life is great for keeping fitness levels up. People over 50 should be looking to participate in physical activity at least three times a week and sex definitely falls into this category.

“The outdated concept of too old for sex has been eradicated. I encourage all my patients over 50 to keep their sex lives active where possible and it seems they are taking the message on board.”

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