Top trumps wedding

Top trumps wedding

Liz Goodall, 25, and fiance Tom Trump, 27, celebrating their nuptials with memento pack of personalised Top Trumps cards like Will and Kate

ONE couple are celebrating their nuptials with the unusual wedding memento of a pack of personalised Top Trumps cards – as their married name will be TRUMP.

Liz Goodall, 25, and fiance Tom Trump, 27, were selected from thousands of fans of the childhood favourite to have a personalised pack of the childhood favourite created for their wedding, thanks largely to their surname.

Bride-to-be Liz secretly entered the future Mr and Mrs Trump into a Facebook competition to have the one-of-a-kind pack made for their wedding.

Card-makers Winning Moves set up the contest after creating a pack to coincide with the royal wedding earlier this year. Like the pack created in honour of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Tom and Liz’s 30 card deck features a number of key wedding guests, as well as important items and locations.

Along with the obvious inclusion of the bride and groom, their parents and close friends, cards have also been created for Liz’s wedding dress and the restaurant where they had their first date.

Guests are scored on six categories, including their age and a ‘big day rating’ – indicating their importance on the day. Though Winning Moves gave the couple suggestions for categories, Tom and Liz took it upon themselves to come up with some of their own for the limited edition of 100 decks.

Violin-loving Liz insisted on a ‘Musicality’ rating – she scores an 8 – while fluent French-speaker Tom thought up the ‘Linguistic Ability’ category. And globe-trotting couple, who have invited friends from as far afield as America, also added ‘a Miles Travelled’ score, representing how far guests have come to the Nottingham church weekend’s wedding.

The souvenir of the couple’s wedding isn’t the only unusual feature of their relationship, as the story of how they met is almost equally unique. Tom lived just around the corner from Liz’s home in Mile End, London until he was three, when his family moved to Belgium.

Unbelievably, they met in 2008 at St. Helen’s Church, Bishopsgate in East London, before getting engaged in April this year, just weeks before Will and Kate’s nuptials. Liz, a Parliamentary researcher, from Mile End, London, said the couple were shocked to win the prize, reckoned to be worth around GBP5,000:

She said: “The competition advert certainly caught my eye because of Tom’s surname. “But I never expected to win and when we got the e-mail we couldn’t believe it.

”I think it will be a really memorable keepsake and one that no other couple in the world, except maybe Will and Kate, can say that they have.”

Financial analyst Tom, added: “This is the perfect present for our perfect day. “I’m excited at being surrounded by family and friends and having such a unique memento.

“And if we have kids in the future it’ll be a great game for them to play, as well as giving them an insight into their parent’s big day.”

Dan Taylor, Marketing Manager for Winning Moves UK said that the pair were a shoo-in for the prize thanks to Tom’s surname.

He said: “When we looked at all the very many entries for our Wedding Top Trumps Competition we just couldn’t believe it when we saw one for a ‘Mr and Mrs Trump’.

“How very appropriate that they should be the first ever personalised pack to be made for a member of the public. “We hope the pack adds a unique and fun touch to their special day and we wish them all the very best together for their married life.”


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