Fish banned as prizes

Fish banned as prizes

A KILLJOY council have banned traditional goldfish from being given out as prizes at an annual town fair.

The popular goldfish-in-a-bag will no longer be handed out at the May Fair in the market town of Ludlow, Shrops, following complaints from residents that it is cruel to the fish.

But despite organisers saying they will use ‘RSPCA approved’ plastic containers instead of bags this year – Ludlow Town Council have still enforced the ban.

David Wynn, who runs the funfair, called the row a ‘storm in a teacup’ and says the annual fair is the only event he runs in the country where complaints have been raised about goldfish being given away as prizes.

Mr Wynn said: “Because one person took exception I think it is spoiling the fun for thousands of others.

“Ludlow is the only place where we cannot give goldfish away as prizes  but it is entirely up to the town council.”

The decision has also been slammed by angry residents of the town who enjoy the fair each year.

Resident Edward Simpson, 50, said: “This is PC nonsense. Fish don’t feel any pain they have a brain the size of a pea, what is the problem with this.

“I cannot believe it. I have so many memories of winning fish at fairs as a kid, good memories, harmless memories.

“This Government is so totally bureaucratic and politically correct it’s unreal.

“No doubt this is some EU Directive implemented by their socialist stooges in local government who are all animal rights activists and socialists.”

Another resident, James Hooper, 61, said: “I remember winning a couple of goldfish at a fair.

“We put them in the garden pond, where they both grew to giant proportions, lived to a ripe old age and had several broods of little fishlets.

“I can’t see the problem at all.”

Ludlow Town Council first outlawed goldfish as prizes on stalls at the May Fair two years ago after complaints from concerned townsfolk.

In the 2006 Animal Welfare Act the Labour government watered down a total ban on giving away animals as prizes.

Instead children who were accompanied by someone aged over 16, were allowed to take away fish.

Speaking about Ludlow Town Council’s services committee’s decision to retain the ban, Councillor Vivienne Parry said: “The RSPCA believe that it is cruel and I do not like it either.

“Using a plastic bucket could be worse than the bag because people may be tempted to leave them in there instead of putting them in a proper tank.”

Ludlow May Fair takes place on the first May day bank holiday every year.

    One thought on “Fish banned as prizes

    1. This really is the limit with political correctness. The animal rights groups such as PETA, ADI, Born Free etc are among the most dangerous groups on the planet today. They want to stop ALL interaction between humans and animals. Even your pets. And councils are stupid enough to listen to them.

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