Top Trumps for Golden Jubilee

Top Trumps for Golden Jubilee

A specially produced Diamond Jubilee version of Top Trumps has been created which endearingly lists Prince Philip top of the pack of ‘One’s Favourite Things.’

The card game, which goes on sale tomorrowexactly 60 days to the Queen’s  Jubilee anniversary, features Kate Middleton as Her Majesty’s top Royal and David Cameron as her first choice Prime Minister.

Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, beats off Susan the Corgi, her favourite tipple Gin and Dubonnet and the Britannia yacht.

But the strongest Trump card of the £3.99 pack is hubby the Duke of Edinburgh – whilst the weakest is the Queen’s bank Coutts.   

The five ranking categories in the popular game where you can “trump” your opponent are: Age; Magic Moment; Pomp and Ceremony; Off Duty; and Quintessential.

A spokesperson for Winning Move, who created the cards to commemorate the Queen’s Jubilee year, said: “We have studied just about every word ever printed about the Queen – and every body language – and we feel this pack is definitive.

“It has taken a dedicated team a wonderful fulfilling age putting it all together. We are absolutely delighted with it.”

The game, which was originally popular with children in the Seventies and Eighties, gets players to compare ratings in five different categories.

The card with the highest score wins, and the losers have to hand their card to the winner.


‘CORGI’ – Susan, given to her as an 18th birthday present by her mum and dad, King George V1 and The Queen Mother.

‘ROYAL’ – Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge for her PR shot in the Royal Family’s arm.

‘PM’ – David Cameron.

‘CORNER SHOP’ – Harrods. It says on this card the luxury store is somewhere the Queen can despatch “her butler to if she runs out of milk on a Sunday morning”.

‘BANK’ – Coutts.

‘OUTFIT’ – a pink number, designed by Stewart Parvin who has designed some of her most stylish outfits including for Royal Ascot and meeting the Obamas.

‘COUPLE’ – King George V1 and the Queen Mother, her beloved mum and dad.

‘TV SHOW’ – Coronation Street, of course! A renowned must-see at Buckingham Palace.

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