Nick Clegg grilled by voters in LBC radio call-in

By Gerald Heneghan

Nick Clegg has been grilled by voters in a special call-in show on London’s LBC Radio this morning (January 10th). 

The deputy prime minister (PM) faced a raft of difficult questions on wide-ranging issues, including foreign aid and child benefits.

Clegg began fielding calls at around 9am this morning and was confronted by one irate former Liberal Democrat, who revealed he had torn up his membership card in response to the party’s recent policy decisions.

However, the Lib Dem leader was unphased – claiming he was “extremely proud” of the achievements made and pointing to educational support, tackling poverty and providing free childcare as examples.

Listener Lauren from Birmingham quizzed the deputy PM on the issue of tuition fee rises – noting that Clegg’s party had vowed to fight against these prior to the election.

“The irony is that the new system is that students won’t have to pay fees upfront. Even though you’ll have to pay back for longer, you’ll have to pay back less as the threshold for repayments is higher than the scheme under Labour,” he responded.

Clegg went on to concede that the Lib Dem move to join in a coalition with the Conservative Party had resulted in a drastic drop in popularity, but claimed that it was impossible to please everyone.

The Call Clegg segment ended at 9.30 but he will return at the same time next week to field further calls from the public.


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