Plebgate investigation sees second officer arrested

By Laura Moulden

A second police officer has been arrested on suspicion of leaking information to the media in regard to the so-called ‘Plebgate’ scandal.

Metropolitan Police took a 46-year-old female officer, who worked as part of the Diplomatic Protection Group, into custody on Friday (February 1st), marking the fourth arrest in the case, which has been named Operation Alice.

Commenting on the investigation in a statement, Scotland Yard revealed that the detained officer was not present during the ‘Plebgate’ incident in September last year.

“The allegations in relation to this matter are extremely serious and it is therefore vital that a thorough and proportionate investigation is carried out. The investigation continues to be progressed with urgency, determination and an open mind,” said the organisation.

Former government chief whip Andrew Mitchell was at the centre of the ‘Plebgate’ scandal after it was claimed he had sworn at officers on duty at Downing Street in September 2012, calling them “plebs”.

He apologised for his conduct, but denied using the term and resigned from office in October amid much media attention.

In December last year, a 52-year-old officer, also serving in the Diplomatic Protection Group was arrested on suspicion of misconduct in public office, alongside a 23-year-old relative who allegedly assisted the officer.

    One thought on “Plebgate investigation sees second officer arrested

    1. Arresting people telling the truth ? Shame on you . This is not what 100 million people died for in wars , to have stasi like operations going on, including spying on innocent children and parents by people who have a record of being less than honest or have integrity ….. The people blowing the whistle should be put in charge , at least you know you can trust them . From what we have seen the west is full of liars , corruption , and war mongers and have no relation to voters needs or aspirations , time to ditch them all and for complete new parties .

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