Wisbech Fish and chip shop stabbing victim fined for wasting police time

By Laura Moulden

A Wisbech man who claimed he fought off four muggers while holding fish and chips has been fined for wasting police time.

Cambridgeshire Constabulary today (February 20th) revealed that 37-year-old John Wood admitted to officers that he had lied about the robbery and now faces an £80 penalty.

Mr Wood had claimed to have been attacked outside Frank’s Fish & chips on Lynn Road, Wisbech, on February 7th by four men.

He said the gang had attacked him, hitting him over the head and stabbing him when he refused to give them his wallet.

Commenting on the matter, Detective Inspector Dave Murphy expressed hopes that the incident would serve as a lesson to anyone who thinks they can get away with lying to police.

“This man not only wasted police time, but he also raised the fear of crime in the local community,” he said.

However, Mr Wood, who runs a pub in Norfolk, disputed the police’s claims – telling BBC News that he was fined because he wished to withdraw his statement.

“I wanted to withdraw the statement because they were beginning to question whether my fiancee had done it. Then they said ‘was it you who was self-harming?’ I’d just had enough of it,” he told the publication.

Mr Wood went on to assert that the attack did take place, but because police did not have a camera pointing at the spot where it took place, they doubted his claims.

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