Any Driver Should Know Those Tricks

The daily drivers should definitely know this. It is possible to save more than 1000 Euro by knowing some tricks. Ford Motor said it once, and we only bring it to you. The study was made last month, with the goal of encouraging drivers to save more gas.

Anticipating that families prepare for travelling for weekends, Ford identified four simple tricks that could helpChild Seat drivers to save 33% more gas.

Dismounting the luggage carrier from the roof – 20%
The luggage support is not only heavy, but it also reduces the aerodynamics of the car. 20% of the gas is used only for carrying it. Why would you need it there all the time, as long as you only use it a few times a year?

Buying gas from vicinities
We all have our favorite gas stations, because they are cheaper, or simply because they have better donuts, but do you know that choosing the closest gas station to your house saves you 7% of combustible. Think about that the next time you go to a gas station only to buy a sandwich.

Checking the tire pressure once a month
Some air in your tires never hurt anyone. It is not only a matter of consumption, but also one of safety. Having the right pressure in tires is important if you want to feel safe on the road. 4% of gas is saved if the car is drove on tires having the right pressure.

Eliminate useless stuff
The baby carrier when you are alone? That annoying tools box that is staying in the truck for one month, just because you forgot to put it in the garage? Those consume 4% extra gas also. Be careful with the things that you leave in the car the next time when you leave for work, as those might cost more than you think!

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