A Major Leap in the Catagory of One: the Redesigned and Refined SlimClip Case by theWTFactory

A Major Leap in the Catagory of One: the Redesigned and Refined SlimClip Case by theWTFactory

The Wonderful Things Factory (theWTFactory) created a category of one with the release of the SlimClip Case in early 2014. By creating the world’s thinnest clip case and a patented technology that allows users to clip their iPhone to their waists securely and comfortably without added bulk theWTFactory provided a new alternative to active iPhone users that wish to take their phone with them for runs, hikes, cycling, working out at the gym and other fitness activities.

Keith Hall, the Co-Owner and Product Developer at theWTFactory says “Our customers say they were using previously either using an armband that made their arm itch or kept slipping down or was just plain uncomfortable. Some say they were just leaving their iPhone behind when they worked out because everything they tried didn’t work well for them. That was my experience.”

The SlimClip Case V3 for iPhone has a number of new features and improvements and the timing of its release couldn’t be any better, given the new release of the iPhone 6 and the consumer response. V3.SlimClipCase.com

The 3rd Version of SlimClip Case features:
• A softer, more shock absorbent and better gripping outer Sure-Grip surface with the same trademark SlimClip case dimpled texture. The Sure-Grip surface gives the case a more durable feel without increasing the weight or the breadth of the case
• An invisible clip Latching System that will allow users to latch the clip to the rim of SlimClip Case when the clip is not in use, thereby preventing the clip from clanging against the rim or opening up and allowing unwanted materials to wedge between the clip and the phone.
• A wider opening for the lighting charger cable. This allows users with wide aftermarket lightening charges to use the Lightning charger without removing SlimClip Case from their phones.
• Unibody Mold Construction thereby eliminating the joint between the clip and the rim that became a problem on a small percentage of the SlimClip Case V2 cases.
• Newly shaped wide camera opening.
• A New and Improved packaging and shipping box experience

TheWTFactory will continue to replace any and all problems with the case for FREE for one year. Replace.SlimClipCase.com

TheWTFactory has not only improved the functionality of the SlimClip Case but simultaneously amplified the tactile and visual styling of the SlimClip Case.

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Keith Hall, Wonderful Things Factory

Atlanta, United States



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