Gravy train commute: hands out ‘money trees’to encourage Brits to grow their money

Gravy train commute: hands out ‘money trees’to encourage Brits to grow their money

Zopa sets up market stall in Victoria station to give commuters money trees

 Peer-to-peer lending platform,, took to the streets of London this week to hand out cash-laden ‘money trees’ in a bid to encourage Brits to grow their money through peer-to-peer lending and safeguard their future.

Setting up a money tree market stall in London Victoria train station, Zopa’s market trader handed out the ‘money trees’ complete with £10 notes and vouchers worth £10, redeemable when lenders make their first investment through the platform.

Giles Andrews, CEO and Co-founder of commented:

“With the money trees we wanted to put a smile on the faces of busy commuters. It is not every day you encounter someone wanting to give you money on your way to work. The money tree campaign is all about encouraging Brits to plant a seed with Zopa and watch their money grow.”

“With Zopa, you can lend as little as £10 to get started, so it really is open to everyone. You will get a much higher rate of interest than you would with a bank so it really is a no-brainer. By making your money work harder through Zopa, lenders can look forward to a brighter future.” created a video showing the bemused commuters reactions to the Zopa market stall and money trees, which can be viewed below.

Peer-vestment on the up

Recently named one of Britain’s fastest-growing private technology companies[i], currently has over 57,000 lenders earning 5.2% interest on their investment. The average lent is around £5,500.

Giles continued:

“We have a wide variety of lenders from all walks of life. From professional investors and financiers, to young families putting a little away each month. We want to encourage people to be savvy savers and safeguard a more comfortable future for themselves.”

Last month the company announced it has loaned more than $1billion since its launch in 2005. The platform currently has more than 63,000 borrowers in the UK. The company has the lowest default rate of any UK bank or peer-to-peer lender.

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