America’s Favorite Foods

America’s Favorite Foods

Steak, pizza and waffles are among Americans’ all-time favourite foods, a study revealed today.
Researchers who polled 1,300 men and women from across the country found a juicy steak is the food most likely to leave our mouths watering.

Meats featured heavily in the list with chicken, beef, bacon and corned beef also among the most popular foods.
Mozzarella cheese, avocado and pasta completed the top ten.
Other American favourites include salmon, blueberries and oysters.

It also emerged three out of four Americans consider eggs as a food favourite, naming them as one of the items they can’t live without in the refrigerator, behind milk and cheese.

Other missing items that would warrant an immediate trip to the supermarket include meat, fruit, vegetables and fruit juice.
Greg West, president of Davidson’s Safest Choice Pasteurized Eggs, which commissioned the research to mark World Egg Day, said: ‘’Many people would agree you can’t beat a nice piece of steak from the grill at the end of long day.

‘’It seems America as a nation is a big fan of meat in general with it featuring heavily in the list of top foods.

‘’But it’s great to see that a lot of staple items such as pasta, cheese and eggs are also so popular and feature among the more luxury items.

‘’Steak might be great, but without the staple items to go alongside it, the meal just wouldn’t be the same.’’

Pineapple was voted Americans’ eleventh top food, followed by peanut butter, hamburgers, sushi and pancakes.
Noodles, chocolate, blueberries, salmon and banana complete the top 20.

Other foods named among the favourites include sweet potato, doughnuts, turkey, candy and popcorn.
Not surprisingly, more than half of those surveyed say caviare is their least loved food, followed by liver and Brussel sprouts.
Just 12 per cent say there are no foods they despise.

When it comes to breakfast, eggs are the most popular choice for 69 per cent of Americans, while more than a half picked bacon and cold cereal, and 43 per cent chose pancakes.
Respondents also said they love toast, bagels, biscuits, English muffins, hash browns and oatmeal.
At lunchtime, more than half of those polled turn to the all-American sandwich and a salad, with more than 46 per cent choosing the perennial favorite hamburger.

Some respondents even said leftovers were their favourite.

On those unplanned menu days when people don’t know exactly what to eat, more than 40 per cent choose a bowl of cereal, as well as eggs in any form, fresh or dried fruit and a handful of nuts.

But 22 per cent turn to chips and 17 per cent would just eat a candy bar.
Three out of four people pick chicken as their dinner favourite, followed by vegetables, pasta and pizza.
Fifteen per cent say their favorite is eggs for dinner, with more than 65 per cent having eggs up to three times a week, using them regularly as a “go to” staple item in everything from baked goods to salads.

More than half use their eggs in omelets and one in three makes egg salad, devilled or curried eggs.

The study also found nearly three out of five respondents can’t live without coffee in their cupboard, and of course, nearly half need their sugar.

Other favourite staples are cans of soup and tea.

Greg West, from Davidson’s Safest Choice Pasteurized Eggs, added: ‘’It’s no surprise to us that eggs are such a popular choice among Americans.
“Since our company began in 2003, we’ve pasteurized nearly 2 billion eggs.
‘’Our patented process eliminates the threat of Salmonella ensuring the safety of all preparations of our eggs.
‘’Pasteurization gives our consumers peace of mind.’’
Top 50 All-Time Favourite Foods
1. Steak
2. Chicken
3. Pizza
4. Waffles
5. Beef
6. Mozzarella cheese
7. Bacon
8. Corned beef
9. Avocado
10. Pasta
11. Pineapple
12. Peanut Butter
13. Hamburgers
14. Sushi
15. Pancakes
16. Noodles
17. Chocolate
18. Blueberries
19. Salmon
20. Banana
21. Ice Cream
22. Ham
23. Oysters
24. Mashed potatoes
25. Soup
26. Asparagus
27. Sweet potato
28. Donut
29. Turkey
30. Candy
31. Grapes
32. Popcorn
33. Cashew nuts
34. Eggs
35. Watermelon
36. Tuna
37. Cheddar cheese
38. Prawns
39. Strawberries
40. Artichokes
41. Asparagus
42. Halibut
43. Almonds
44. Mango
45. Meatballs
46. Apples
47. Lamb
48. Sweetcorn
49. Mushrooms
50. Rice pudding


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