The trainer of a boxer, who was jailed for six months after smashing into his girlfriend’s flat and throttling her, has said the justice system has failed him.

John Costello, who has trained Jamie Cox for over a decade, said: “I’d like to state that there’s an appeal going in today and Jamie will be in the crown court in two weeks and we’re confident he will clear his name.

“Two separate probation officers recommended that Jamie does not warrant a custodial sentence and that he was a low risk to re-offend – the court have totally ignored that fact.

“There was no evidence of an assault, no injuries, no witnesses – it was Jamie’s word against this young lady’s. It was a breakdown in a relationship. When there’s a breakdown in a relationship, harsh things get said.

“Once this goes before trained people that understand the law this will get thrown out.

“Jamie respects the justice system and so do I, but the justice system has let Jamie Cox down today, in a massive way.

“Jamie will get suspended [from boxing] at least for the whole of the sentence. He’s ranked number four in the world now. Jamie would have fought for the world title at the end of this year.

“Everything he has worked toward for his whole life has just been thrown in the bin.

“Jamie’s going to be stuck in a 9×6 for something he never did, but this will be in the crown court in two weeks – and I’m confident he will clear his name.

“He’s a good kid. He’s daft as a brush, but he’s a lovely kid.”

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