A family is in mourning after their beloved pet cat was run over – and thrown into a BONFIRE.

The poor moggy is thought to have been struck by a car the cruelly disposed of before his owner was notified.

Kelly-Ann Glaister spent several weeks searching for five-year-old Milan, including splashing out £300 on posters, before finally learning the truth.

She tracked down a man who said he threw her pet on a fire, but would not say why.

Heart-broken Kelly-Ann said: “A lady rang me and said she’d seen Milan laying on the side of the road by my house.

“She said a guy came along and took him away.

“I found out who he was and asked him what he’d done with Milan’s body.

“He initially said he’d put him on a bonfire but refused to let me check. I just want an answer to just what happened to my cat.”

The 39-year-old from Gillingham, Kent, is now calling for a change in the law so drivers who run over cats have to report it to the police, like they do when they hit a dog.

Under current rules, a driver must call the police if they hit a dog or livestock such as horses, cattle, cows, pigs, goats, sheep or donkeys, whether the animal has been killed or not.

Under the Road Traffic Act, they must stop and give their details to the pet’s owner or report the incident within 24 hours.

Although they are not covered by the law the government advises the public to report a deceased cat to the local council, as they would with wild animals such as badgers and foxes.

Kelly-Ann added: “People love their cats exactly the same as their dogs, so the law should be the same too.”

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