A worried couple claim they found “glass-like fragments” in their 12-week-old daughter’s tub of baby formula.

Worried Scott Broughton and Bethany Benson say they made the discovery in a 900g box of Cow & Gate First Infant Milk bought for their daughter Jasmine.

After spotting what looked like tiny shards of glass, the couple rushed their baby to hospital to be checked over.

Now they are calling for the company to recall the tubs and apologise.

Dad Scott said: “We’d had the milk for about a week. There wasn’t a lot left when we saw what looked like crystals of sugar.

“I took a bit out and I thought it looked a bit sharp.”

The new parents were so concerned one of the fragments may have passed through the bottle’s teat, they took Jasmine to be examined by doctors.

Scott added: “We took her to the hospital but they said they couldn’t do an x-ray as the fragments were too small to spot.

“We were in there for five hours while they gave her a good checking over.

“Then they told us to keep checking for blood in her nappy and keep an eye on her.”

Bethany added: “It’s put us off using their formula.”

Scott got in touch with Cow & Gate who sent a letter and a box to post the tub of formula back to them for analysis.

Now the dad, of Grimsby, North East Lincs., is calling for the company to apologise.

He said: “There was no apology or anything which you’d expect.

“They were saying they can’t recall thousands of tubs because of one but even if there’s something in one, I think they should.

“Now every time we open a tub we’re sifting through it to see if there’s anything in there.”

Cow & Gate spokesperson Helen Messenger said: “We were very concerned to hear about Mr Broughton’s experience.

“We take the safety of our products very seriously and have immediately launched an investigation.

“We have checked our factory records and can confirm that all our quality controls were operating correctly at the time the milk was produced, which includes sieving the formula before it is packed and checking each carton with a very sensitive x-ray machine.

“We have not received any other complaints about this batch of milk.

“Based on our investigations so far we believe it is unlikely that this happened at our factory due to the strict quality controls we have in place.

“We have spoken to Mr Broughton several times and explained the steps we are taking and we will be keeping him informed.”

The formula was allegedly bought from a Savers store in Grimsby.

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