A kind-hearted vet slept on the floor of his surgery so he could care for a dog that underwent major surgery this week – after she was almost torn in half.

Little Kilu endured a gruelling five-hour procedure on Monday evening after being attacked by two larger dogs.

The Yorkshire terrier suffered severe chest injuries, a collapsed lung and crushed ribs.

The dedicated team at Vets4Pets, in Maidstone, Kent, cancelled all routine appointments so they could pay full attention to the poorly pup.

Practice principal Ivan Clark even took the step of setting up camp in the surgery’s prep room in order to monitor Kilu’s condition over night.

By the morning Kilu had pulled through and while still requiring treatment was on course to make a full recovery.

Ivan said: “When Kilu was first admitted he was in a very bad way, and his condition was critical.

“We cancelled all routine appointments so all our attention could be put on saving Kilu.

“Everyone was very understanding and passed on their best wishes to Kilu, which really helped us focus on the operation.

“Fortunately the surgery was a success, despite leaving Kilu with a 10-inch scar, and he was placed under heavy sedation in a special oxygen enclosure to aid his recovery.

“The operation finished around 9pm, so I decided to make a temporary bed in the surgery that night so I could be on hand in case Kilu needed any further medical support. Unfortunately my dogs got to the bed first.

“By the morning Kilu had improved slightly and while he was still critically ill, the signs were good and he had made a positive start to his recovery.”

Kilu is expected to be allowed to go home on today (Fri) just four days after being admitted.

When Kilu is allowed home from Vets4Pets he will be kept in a small enclosure to ensure he rests properly for six to eight weeks, while it is estimated that it will take six to eight months for him to make a full recovery.

Ivan added: “With the correct amount of recovery time, rest and care, Kilu should be able to lead a perfectly normal life, albeit with a large scar underneath his hair.

“It’s great to know that we were able to help him when he needed us most, and that the team at Vets4Pets were able to work together for a positive outcome.

“I would also like to thank all of our clients who had routine appointments cancelled for understanding the reasons, and to everyone who has been in touch with the surgery to wish Kilu well; it is very much appreciated.

“It’s important now that we allow Kilu and his owners time to recover so he can soon be back to his normal self.”

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