A young man has captured on film the hilarious moment a bee struggled to walk – because it was DRUNK.

Jamie White caught the boozed-up bee staggering around after it had sipped a spilled drink of Archers.

The 22-year-old, who filmed the drunken bug outside the nightclub where he works, filmed the black-and-yellow insect taking a drink, before wobbling around and passing out.

The lad, from Broadfield, West Sussex, put the clip up on his Facebook page, where it has been viewed almost four million times.

He said: “I just felt like filming it, I film quite a bit on Vine and make lots of videos and thought it would be funny.

“After I posted it on Snapchat I put it straight onto Facebook and the response was crazy. Some people loved it – I haven’t really had much backlash.”

The two-and-a-half minute film appears to show the bee getting drunk, passing out and then recovering.

His video opened with the bee appearing to take a sip of Archers out of a bottle top, it then “stumbles around” the air conditioning unit before sprawling out – apparently worse for wear because of its drinking binge.

Jamie, who dreams of becoming a stand-up comedian, explained that the video was a bit of light-hearted fun which sums up his sense of humour.

However he claimed that anyone who thinks that he actually “got the bee drunk” is mistaken.

He said: “I never thought that the video would go this viral.

“When it started off I told my mates that the bee was sipping Archers, but the truth is I never fed it alcohol, it was actually water.

“The video was just meant to be a bit of fun and it’s amazing to see the reach of the video and the laugh that it has given people.”

As the video continues Jamie names the bee Keith and attempts to bring it back to life by giving it some water.

He added: “There was no particular reason why I named it Keith, it just came to me.

“It could have easily been Dave but I decided that there needs to be more Keith’s in the world – so that is the name he got.”

Before the video Jamie’s Facebook page was liked by about 300 people but it has since rocketed to over 4,000.

The video ends with Jamie leaving the bee to seemingly “sleep off its hangover” but sadly there was no happy ending in real life.

He said: “Keith did die in the end so I posed another video giving him the funeral he deserved.”

Keith was eventually put to rest in a heart-shaped coffin filled with leaves.

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