An illegal immigrant has been caged after he smashed a little boy’s thigh bone so badly that he looked like a car crash victim, a court heard.

Dangerous Shipon Ahmed, 39, left the five-year-old child in excruciating pain in the horror attack that was described as “an unbelievable act of brutality”.

The Bangladeshi national, who was harboring in the UK illegally, claimed the child tripped over a toy but the youngster was too terrified to tell anyone what had happened to him, a court heard.

Sixteen days before he was tried for causing the child grievous bodily harm with intent, Ahmed glassed a man in the face in the Tequila Nightclub in Bradford, West Yorks.

Sentencing Ahmed at Bradford Crown Court, Judge Jonathan Durham Hall QC told him: “You really are not just a man of breathtaking arrogance – but you are a very violent person.

“You will be deported, I have no doubt. You will be sent back to Bangladesh.”

He was found guilty of both offences in separate trials.

A paediatric doctor said during the first trial that the boy had been swung by his leg, kicked or stamped on.

The judge said the strongest bone in his body had been “cracked and separated, displaced and shattered.”

Speaking about the horrific injuries, Judge Hall said: “It was an unbelievable act of brutality. His injuries were comparable to falling from a considerable height or being seriously hurt in a car crash.”

In the second attack, David Weglewski suffered massive blood loss, arterial damage and numerous lacerations after Ahmed attacked him at Tequila Nightclub in Bradford at 2am on December 5 last year.

He was taken by ambulance to the Major Trauma Ward at Leeds General Infirmary where shards of broken glass were surgically removed from his face.

The court heard that Ahmed attacked Mr Weglewski in a jealous rage after he asked his girlfriend to a party – and was then remanded in custody charged with a second Section 18 wounding.

Ahmed, of Bradford, was branded “seriously dangerous” by judge Hall and given an extended sentence of 18 years – 10 years for breaking the little boy’s femur and five years for the glass attack.

The court heard Ahmed had sociopathic and psychopathic tendencies.

Judge Durham Hall extended the licence period by three years, telling Ahmed: “You clearly are a very dangerous man.”

Ahmed had previous convictions for benefit fraud, harassment, and battery on a former partner.

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