A father man accused of battering his six-year-old daughter to death told his girlfriend he was “disgusted” when he found out she was pregnant, a court heard today (Tues).

Ben Butler, 36, is on trial for allegedly beating his daughter Ellie to death at their home in Sutton, south London while his partner Jennie Gray, 35, was at work in October 2013.

The Old Bailey heard today Gray, who is also in the dock, had accused him of running a “dictatorship”, in their home.

He sent her a string of abusive text messages after she fell pregnant and while she was in hospital after having an abortion in early 2013.

Text messages between the pair were read from January to March 2013, in which Butler claimed he was stuck in a “sexless relationship”.

In a text from January 16, 2013, Butler said: “Im disg that ur preg again and think its irresponsible and shocking..had engh of ur weight and looks..and the trble u bring.

“The weight u waacked on its quite amazing and im sick of it..no baby just massive and I just want out of this.”

About an hour later, he added: “Ive had engh of u abd anyone else wld too..had it.”

On January 24, Butler claimed he was “in a sexless relationship that i get nowt back from”, the court heard.

On March 8, Butler said to Gray: “Dare eva get preg again its ova..Im not putting up wiv this shut again..F**king furious.

“F**king babies kids preg..Swear to god im done..We were getting on ok but f**k that u fat nutter.. Om g end of fuming.”

Just over a week later, on March 16, Gray texted him from hospital: “I am bleeding and ignoring it and pain all for U, pretending U didn’t make me kill a baby U didn’t want. Pretending. I won’t forgive U. I wish I was dead.”

She later said: “U kicked me out on doorstep after everything u did to me and then fucking blame me. I am to blame for not turning u on or being sexy enough and not doing what u want.”

Butler replied: ” ul Neva b wot I need and u can’t give u wot u want..as mates we r ok..nice and its only option as i don’t want to b bad thats truth..truth u rnt up to it and neva made an effort. I cant live wiv the bordem i have wiv u as a partner. Get u sorted bye.”

Later that evening, Gray said: “I am here because of f**ked abortion. U also brutally kicked me out too in wet and cold and etc. I was trying to get back and because I couldn’t U R pulling plug. That’s fine. Pulling plug because I am ill and couldn’t get back in time to go out drinking!”

On March 19, Gray said Butler couldn’t “control” himself.

She said: “I dont need to do peace pact as u am the vulnerable one and the weaker sex (very vulnerable right now). U R the one who cant control.

” U R the one who sits there quietly and winds yourself up until bang. I am sorry I let U down but U have done loads more to hurt me by far.”

Later that night, she said: “This is the problem, I am getting med treatment and U don’t like it under your dictatorship (even tho U don’t fucking want me, like me or fancy me just want to have me there to hurt me literally)

“U want me to return there and be around U and leave hosp without getting DEAD BABY REMAINS OUT OF MY WOMB PROPERLY…so if I do not agree now U will grass FOR NO REASON.”

He later replied: “keep going on about dead babies u mental cunt..for one year..u ain’t dying so f**k off…ul c I’m ending this u deserve bitch.

“Now f**king rot u childless baron.

“Never text me I don’t love u at all just hate now ul c.”

Two days later, Gray accused her partner of “threatening” her.

She said: “U ain’t going til tmow later as U need to get ready. I was picking up Ellie tmow remember. So there ain’t a problem.

“U now threatening to do me if I come home?! BECAUSE I MAY HAVE CANCER, TWO TYPES OVARIAN AND BOWEL. I should be beaten up for that shouldn’t I?! Bad mother for being in hospital with the aren’t I selfish?!”

He replied: “I’m raging and ul pay never date (dare) think ul be ok..I’m ready. Go die u bitch”

Gray, who has previously admitted perverting the course of justice, denies one count of child cruelty.

Butler denies murder and child cruelty charges.

The trial continues.

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