Patients praised the service provided at St Thomas’ hospital where junior doctors walked out in the first all-out strike in NHS history.

But while most patients backed the doctors, one said that striking “was not the right thing to do” and doctors had to adapt to a modern world.

Management consultant Georgia Beesley, 40, from South Norwood said: “I’ve had two scans and the service was absolutely great.”

Ms Beesley said there were no problems and everything ran on time.

She said: “I was seen by a radiologist and it was fine. I didn’t hear any other patients complaining. You couldn’t really tell anything was different.”

“I support the junior doctors in their strike, I think the contracts the government are trying to impose on them is absolutely ridiculous.”

Portuguese construction worker Pedro Mendez, 39, who lives in Mitcham said: “Everything is running very smoothly in there.

“I saw a doctor in time. I’ve had issues with the hospital in the past with not getting tests results back very quickly, but today was fine.”

Chartered surveyor Mark Williams, 52, who lives in Bromley, did not back the strike but saw no evidence of the service being affected.

Mr Williams said: “I went to the eye department and I have seen a consultant.

“It was pretty much the same as normal.”

However, he added: “I think we all have to adapt to a modern world.

“I’m a professional myself actually, and we have to adapt to what our clients want and in their case, what their patients want.

“I’m afraid in today’s society that means working on a Saturday.

“They are like many professions. They start off on low pay but there are rewards later.

“Many supplement their wages with private work, which I have no problem with.

“I think with any job comes responsibility and going on strike is just not the right thing to do.

“I think in any instance that if you are going to be a doctor, something I actually considered in my early career, it should be something of a calling more than a job.

“The attraction to me was to be able to help people and going on strike doesn’t equate to that.”

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