Happy New Career! Almost half of UK adults have thought about changing their career

Happy New Career! Almost half of UK adults have thought about changing their career


The New Year is here along with the chance to take stock of all the elements of your life – a healthier lifestyle, spending more time with your family, saving more money – and a new career?

January is often the time that people start looking at new job opportunities – sometimes even taking a whole new direction.

According to a new survey carried out by education recruitment specialists ITN Mark Education, 47% of Brits admitted that they had considered looking elsewhere.

Of the 1,500 men and women questioned, 10% said they had always wanted to do something else, 9% are planning to change their career, and 28% said it was already an on-going process. The survey also revealed that men were more likely to seek new opportunities than women.

In terms of individual parts of the United Kingdom, respondents in Northern Ireland have admitted to being the most discontented in their current roles, with 63% saying that they had at least considered moving careers.

However, residents in Wales are most likely to admit that they are actually planning to change their career in the near future, with 14% saying so.

Roger Marsh, ITN Mark Education Managing Director, commented on the findings:

“The UK has low unemployment and a strong labour market which may be influencing people’s desire to change their career.  Employment in the UK has enjoyed a steady increase over the past few years, and there are more jobs available in different sectors than ever before.

“It’s also a prime time to make a move into teaching with a wide array of opportunities across the whole of the UK.  Teaching can be a hugely satisfying career. You have the chance to make a positive and real difference to the lives of your students as well as the wider school community including parents.  Knowing that you have helped a child to find their own path in the world and helping them to achieve their hopes and dreams can be the ultimate in job satisfaction.”



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