The Best and Worst Cities to Get a Taxi in the UK Revealed

Whether you’re heading out on a business trip, or visiting somewhere new for leisure, one thing you’ll likely need is a taxi service. In the UK, there are many different taxi services available, though not all of them are totally reliable.

This has been the subject of a recent study by Cab Direct, who have explored the sector for the benefit of both customers and operators alike. Here we’ll look at the best and worst cities to get a taxi in the UK and useful tips to follow when choosing a cab: –

The best cities to get a taxi

The best cities to get a taxi in the UK varies depending upon whether you’re looking for a standard, or wheelchair-friendly taxi. In terms of traditional taxis, London, Manchester and Newcastle come out on top. This is fairly unsurprising given the popularity of the cities and the population in each.

If it’s wheelchair access you’re looking for, London drops to second place behind Liverpool, followed by Coventry. So, if you’re heading to any of these cities, you won’t experience any problems getting a taxi.

The worst cities to get a taxi

So, what cities rank worse for taxi services in the UK? Well, for wheelchair accessible vehicles, Darlington is the worst. Other areas which rank poorly include Oldham, Rotherham and Bournemouth. It appears from these statistics, the north of the country is less wheelchair friendly than the rest of the UK.

In terms of standard taxis, Swansea is the definitive loser. It’s quite surprising how many people there is per taxi in the city, a staggering 11694. Other areas that you may have trouble in include York, Ipswich, Southampton and Brighton.

Interestingly, it seems the south of the country is worse for hiring standard access taxis. This does mean there’s a great opportunity for people looking to set up their own taxi services however. Taxis can be purchased at affordable prices from Cab Direct, and setting up in one of the worse performing cities could prove to be incredibly lucrative.

Tips for those travelling or residing in the worst taxi areas

So, what if you live in one of the poorest performing cities and you need a taxi service? Well, firstly you need to be aware that some taxi services may not be legitimate. As there is a demand for more taxis, unlicensed operators see the perfect opportunity to cash in. So, in areas like Swansea for example, always be vigilant and be aware of taxi rental safety tips.

Overall, while some areas are more difficult to find a reliable taxi, the UK still remains one of the best places to hire a taxi and private rental service.

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