Feeling the Pinch? The Top Tips for Selling Your Motorhome in 2017

Feeling the Pinch? The Top Tips for Selling Your Motorhome in 2017

According to the latest figures, UK disposable income has dropped by nearly a quarter during the last 12 months alone, as stagnant real wage growth and the rising cost of living continue to take their toll. This may require you to make some changes this year, as you look to reduce costs and generate additional income.

Whether you have minimal disposable income or simply want to upgrade to a new model, however, selling your motorhome may well be a viable option this summer.

In this post, we will provide some top tips for achieving this goal and optimising the resale value of your motorhome.

1.Choose the Best Platform Through Which to Sell Your Motorhome

This is arguably one of the most important considerations, as there are a number of channels through which you sell your motorhome. These will trigger relevant costs and impact on resale value, so it is crucial to choose the right one to suit you.

In terms of cost-effective selling, operating as an individual is your best course of action, but this may restrict your ability to optimise the models’ resale value. Conversely, selling through an auction can often trigger the best prices if your motorhome is in good condition, but will require you to sacrifice some of this through a fixed commission.

In this respect, the best option may lie in the middle ground, such as partnering with an outlet that can buy your motorhome directly. If you sell motorhome with Kent Motorhome, for example, you can eradicate fees while securing a cash sum and a quick settlement.

  1. Set a Fair and Viable Price

This may be the most challenging aspect of selling your motorhome, as establishing a desirable sale price that the market can bear remains an exceptionally difficult balancing act. Motorhomes also vary considerably in terms of size, layout and specification, making it hard to determine a precise market value for your model.

Research and a willingness to compromise hold the key to achieving a sale, however, as you browse the classified adverts and forecourts across the country to gauge a workable price range that your motorhome fits within. You must also be willing to compromise and make allowances for the condition of the vehicle, otherwise you are unlikely to find many interested buyers.

  1. Gain a Competitive Edge in the Market

Finally, we come to final push, which can help you to gain a competitive edge as a vendor even in a competitive market. There are several steps that you can take to achieve this, including the following ideas.

The first may seem blindingly obvious, but it is also easy to overlook as a vendor. This is to ensure that your motorhome is in pristine condition when it is sold, as this can have a positive impact in the eyes of buyers and justify even higher-end price tags. Similarly, why not take the time to make sure that your vehicle’s servicing is up to date, while making any small or affordable repairs that can increase value?

These steps can help you to make a quick and profitable sale, while also saving money and slashing costs in the form of commissions, fees and modifications.

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