The Most Expensive Players in the Premiership

The Most Expensive Players in the Premiership

Think of Premier League football and you’ll think of exciting games, incredible rivalries and, for the players, some of the highest salaries in professional sport.

Attracting talent in the Premier League is an expensive process, with the top players bringing in tens of millions of pounds a year, particularly during the peak periods of their careers. Winning a great player, or building a team of great players, can require a club to have a serious budget.

All of this is an investment, by the way, in better results, viewership and enthusiasm. Clubs that invest in great players usually get their money’s worth, while fans enjoy better odds on free bets with bookmakers for their favourite teams.

But which players are the most expensive? To put a figure to the sport’s names, we’ve listed the most expensive players in Premier League football below, all of whom are currently playing for Premier League teams as of 2017.


Paul Pogba

Paul Pogba set records in 2016 when he signed to Manchester United for an incredible £89.3 million in fees, which at the time was the highest recorded transfer fee in the world of football.

Today, Pogba continues to play for Manchester United while representing his home nation of France in international competition.


Romelu Lukaku

Romelo Lukaku was one of the most expensive transfers of this season. Although the total cost of his deal with Manchester United hasn’t been publicly released, experts speculate that it could be as much as £75 million, complete with £15 million in potential bonuses.

As part of the deal, Lukaku will play for Manchester United for five years, giving the club a fast, effective left-footed striker as part of its lineup.


Kevin De Bruyne

After signing with Wolfsburg for £18 million in 2014, it seemed like Premier League competition was over for Kevin De Bruyne. However, the attacking midfielder came back to Premier League football in 2015 as part of a lucrative, record-setting £55 million deal with Manchester City.


Alexandre Lacazette

Arsenal paid a club record fee for Alexandre Lacazette in 2017, spending £46.5 million to pick up the French striker earlier this year. Lacazette also stands to earn a potential £6.1 million in bonuses, depending on his performance.

Lacazette’s transfer was the most expensive in Arsenal’s history, beating the £42.5 million the club paid for Mesut Özil in 2013.


Alvaro Morata

Another recent transfer, Spanish striker Alvaro Morata was acquired this season by Chelsea in a deal worth £60 million. At the time, the acquisition was one of the most expensive in the history of Premier League football.


Benjamin Mendy

One of the most expensive players of 2017, Benjamin Mendy left Monaco for Manchester City this season. Mendy’s five-year contract with Man City is reportedly worth £52 million, making him one of this season’s most expensive Premier League acquisitions.


Kyle Walker

One of the most expensive defenders in the Premier League, Kyle Walker joined Manchester City this season as part of a deal worth as much as £45 million, bringing an end to his eight years with Tottenham.

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