Amplify LA putting new-age disruptive start-ups on the fast-track

Amplify LA putting new-age disruptive start-ups on the fast-track

When founders Paul Bricault and Oded Noy started Amplify.LA in 2011, their objective was to support start-ups and small ventures to help them reach their full potential and emerge as successful business ventures. With a belief that no two companies have the same start or the same path along which they would best thrive, Amplify.LA offers tailor-made guidance and support to them for best results.

Based out of Venice, LA, Amplify is one of the toughest accelerators in the US to get backed up by, with an entrance rate of less than 0.1%. The Harvard Business Review recently identified Amplify.LA as one of the top 10 accelerators across the United States. They prefer to be known as an investment fund and accelerator.

With an active team supporting each venture and a whole set of mentors to offer specific guidance, Amplify.LA supports more than 44 companies with an investment of over $100,000 – $250,000 in each.

Apart from providing support like seed funding, access to guidance and strategic guidance from experienced mentors and guides to start-ups, Amplify.LA also works towards developing a community of professionals with the same mindset and organizing mentorship, relevant education through events and innovative activities.

Having had over 5 successful portfolio exits since its inception, Amplify.LA is one the most renowned venture capitalists in the country and has incubated prominent start-ups like The Bouqs Company, Stack Commerce, Bitium, and Winc, among others. Amplify.LA has a sprawling campus in Venice, LA to offer education and guidance to hundreds of innovators and entrepreneurs for launching successful start-ups.

One such start-up is, with prominent start-up specialist Chris Young as the Resident Advisor for the venture. Mr. Young has been associated with the venture since he joined Amplify.LA in 2016. He has been instrumental in helping the company develop into one of the leading jewelry design, manufacturing, and logistics brands in the world.

Under his able mentorship, Iconery has emerged as an influencer commerce platform for clients such as Stone Fox bride, the Streicher Sisters, NordstromXNike and Rashida Jones amongst many others.

Young worked with on behalf of Amplify.LA to help develop their analytics platform that led to identifying their product development strategy based on data from their past sales and marketing keystones. He also helped them devise a streamlined manufacturing protocol that facilitated in boosting their bottom line while simultaneously reducing the cost of goods sold.

The making of a successful business venture includes not just an investment by venture capitalists, but also tailor-made guidance and proper education that helps them survive and thrive. By providing all of this, Amplify.LA has created a one-stop-platform that can be a game changer for the entire community of entrepreneurs and innovators.

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