Lawyer, Aviator, Entrepreneur and Author: The man who has done it all

Lawyer, Aviator, Entrepreneur and Author: The man who has done it all

Johnny A Pineyro, born in 1972 as Juan Pineyro, was meant to grow up to be a man of religion, having been inducted into Catholicism from a very young age. After having completed his education pre-law from the Florida State University, Pineyro joined the Villanova Law School in Pennsylvania. Halfway through, he was transferred to Stetson College of Law, acting as a Moot Court member.

Juan then joined the Pre-Law Society, marking the beginning of his career in law. He was soon given a license by the Florida Supreme Court to practice law in the Federal Southern and Middle Districts of Florida and the District of Colorado.

Known in professional circles as Johnny A. Pineyro, he founded the Florida Injury Law Firm that provides support to clients wrongfully injured in all kinds of accidents to win fair compensation for their damages. The firm has been functional since 2008 and is still going strong.

Pineyro then shifted his focus towards Aviation law and attained a pilot’s license. Having logged over 1000 hours of flying piston, turboprop, and turbine fixed wing aircraft, Pineyro qualified to serve the local Kissimmee Airport Advisory Board for 3 years and personally owned four crafts including King Air 90 and Citation 510.

He has also served on the Board of Directors of Challenge Air in Dallas, Texas, and Mercy Flight in Leesburg, Florida. He is also a member of the Veterans Air Command.

With his legal career and established firm well on its way, Pineyro then shifted his attention towards entrepreneurship. By attending MIT in Boston for developing supply chain expertise useful in developing startups, Pineyro strengthened his knowledge in this field.

Pineyro started a range of other businesses like Daedalus Transport – a logistics company operating across North America with multiple tractors and trailers hauling goods, ILUM Advertising – an outdoor Advertising Company with Mobile Billboard Units throughout the US and Canada, Brokeit – a rapid same-day service delivery in the US for electronic device repair, NozamaPro – a unique e-commerce education site with specializing on “selling on Amazon”, and a few others.

Johnny A Pineyro studied Kenpo Martial Arts and is on his way to becoming a Black Belt in Krav Maga. He has also written a book called ‘Get the Justice You Deserve’ where he provides practical and relevant information for people fighting their cases to solve legal problems and take the worry and concern out of the process, focusing on personal injury cases resulting from accidents.

Having pursued such varied interests through his life, Juan never gave up on his passion for sports, Pineyro, a hardcore Federer fan, ranks 4.0 on the USTA and loves to travel the globe with his family to attend tennis majors.

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