Is Now the Best Time to Get a New Smartphone?

Is Now the Best Time to Get a New Smartphone?

Like any other marketplace or industry, the technology market has its own unique seasons.

Unlike other industries, however, these are largely dictated by manufacturers and the market leading brands, with companies such as Apple and Samsung releasing new devices at fixed times of the year.

This is particularly true when it comes to smartphones, with the new Samsung device scheduled for release this spring and the latest Apple handset likely to be launched some time in the autumn.

For those who are in the market for the best deal rather than a sparkling, brand new piece of hardware, however, now may actually be the best time to make your move. Here’s why:

New Year Deals and Smartphone Trends – The Case for Buying Now

January is renowned as a time when brands look to discount their products, particularly those that are no longer new or considered to be cutting edge. This has particular relevance in the case of smartphones, with a number of manufacturers including Samsung scheduled to unveil new handsets during the next two financial quarters.

The staggered nature of new releases is a major trend in the smartphone market, meaning that discounted handsets are available all-year-round. There’s no doubt that January sees the most attractive and competitive deals, however, with brands keen on optimising their sales even as consumer spending levels typically decline.

This desire to discount handsets has a cumulative impact on the market, creating a more competitive space in which prices are driven down further. Similarly, telecommunication firms are also inclined to reduce their monthly tariffs, meaning that customers can access both lower-cost handsets (for outright purchases) and cheaper contracts (when the cost of the phone is repaid over a fixed period of time).

How to Leverage These Savings to Get the Best Possible Deal

While these deals are commonplace in January, capitalising on these is extremely difficult given the size of the smartphone market. This is where third party outlets like the fonehouse can come into play, as they offer access to a host of competitive deals simultaneously and provide an independent comparison of the market.

Utilising this type of firm offers other advantages too, as they tend to introduce their own offers at this time of year. In addition to its own winter sale and seasonal promotions, the company also offers cut-price mobile repairs on older or existing handsets.

More specifically, consumers can access £6 off any mobile phone repair at present, which serves to entice new customers and reduce the cost of owning and maintaining a handset.

The Last Word – Why Now is the Time to Invest in a New Smartphone

When you consider all of these factors together, you begin to see why January and the New Year offers customers access to the very best smartphone deals.

Of course, the key is to utilise third-party websites that include information on a huge range of deals, while also seeking out additional savings and discounts wherever possible.

Although a January purchase means that you may not be able to access a brand new handset, this shouldn’t matter to value-conscious customers who simply want to save money and get as much as they can for their money.

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