Fully moveable autonomous sex robot almost complete

Fully moveable autonomous sex robot almost complete

A HUMAN-LIKE sex doll with full body movement is ‘almost ready’, following significant progress in robotic research this year.

Scientists working for DS Doll in the Chinese province of Liaoning, have been developing the next generation android at their laboratories.

The first DS Doll to go on the market will be a fully robotic female head – costing around £3,000 – which can be attached to a life-sized sex doll body.

But the firm is currently finishing a robot that can move the upper half of its body and says that if development continues at the current rate, a fully moveable doll should be ready for customers within the next few years.

It is hoped that the handmade dolls with artificial skin, will be able to provide not only sexual pleasure but also domestic services, social care and a whole range of other functions too.

Sam, who represents Cloud Climax – the flagship seller of DS Doll in the UK and Europe, said much progress had been made into making neck movements, with fully automatic movement being made in the coming months.

“There is a large team of research and development engineers at DS Doll that are continuously working on both new products and current product improvement,” he said.

“The second generation of DS Doll sex robots will probably have removable limbs and AI akin to Siri and Alexa.”

In the meantime, DS Doll has almost completed its first generation of sex robots, to be released imminently.

The premium robotic heads, will be able to display a range of facial expressions controlled via an app, and capable of playing music or voice recordings.

The Chinese company is also pioneering 3D printers to create artificially intelligent sex robots from scans of real people.

The implications of the technology mean that in future, people could see sex dolls of their celebrity crushes created.

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