Brexit: new obstacles to overcome for Theresa May

Brexit: new obstacles to overcome for Theresa May

The Brexit saga isn’t over yet.

After parliament rejected her withdrawal agreement – first on January 15th and then once more on March 12th – British Prime Minister Theresa May was hoping for yet another vote on it by March 20th. However, on March 18th, any new vote on the deal was ruled out.

The Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow, declared that a new vote would be possible only if significant changes were made to the text. His ruling was based on a parliamentary principle from 1604, which states that MPs cannot ask for a vote on an identical matter twice. It is now highly unlikely that Mrs. May will be able to propose a « fundamentally different » deal and bring it back to parliament before “B-Day” on March 29th.

Brussels has already ruled out any renegotiation on several occasions. What happened on March 18th suggests that British lawmakers will now seek an extension to the country’s EU membership in order to rethink the terms of the divorce. Further delay, however, will still need the approval of the 27 remaining EU members.

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After John Bercow’s decision, sterling lost some ground. However, many analysts expect the pound to be resilient in the coming days, as leaving the EU without a deal has been ruled out by parliament, albeit in a non-binding vote. This week will be a very busy one for sterling, as the Bank of England will announce its decisions on monetary policy and numerous important statistics will be released.

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