Liverpool FC is a Main Contributor Towards Brits’ Sleepless Nights

Liverpool FC is a Main Contributor Towards Brits’ Sleepless Nights

UK retailer, Happy Beds, has delved into 30,000 tweets to find out what some of the biggest factors were that contributed towards the British population’s sleepless nights over the last 12 months.

While Brexit took first place, coming in close second was Premier League runner’s up and Champions League winners, Liverpool FC. Liverpool FC fans have lost the most sleep in the past twelve months, with the Merseyside outfit topping the list as to reasons why.

Of all the hashtags accompanying tweets about sleeplessness, #StopBrexit and #Sleep were the only hashtags more common over the past twelve months than Liverpool’s #YNWA.

However, Spurs fans also suffered from sleeplessness this year, with Tottenham being the second-most likely team to be mentioned in tweets relating to not being able to sleep, as they staged an unexpected run to the Champions League final.

Overall, 23% of the tweets that Happy Beds looked at were sport-related, with the stress and commitment from football fans appearing to have the greatest affect on the nation’s sleeping habits.

Away from football, the bed retailer’s research as part of its Social Insomnia campaign found that Brexit, Netflix and Game of Thrones were three of the topics most likely to keep Brits up at night.

Further analysis of insomnia-related posts across the world found that sleep struggles are an international issue, with the US the most vocal on Twitter about their sleepless nights, and Filipino, Thai and Indonesian interpretations all common. 

Happy Beds, in support of this campaign, has released a blog post which analysed the results. You can check out the Happy Beds blog here

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