Why Consumers Are Looking For Practical Luxury When Buying Cars

Why Consumers Are Looking For Practical Luxury When Buying Cars

The definition of luxury is gradually changing among every stratum of society. The days when luxury was all about glitz and glam are gradually fading away. People still want to be associated with luxury and adorned with the trappings of opulence but in a more toned-down fashion that communicates subtle and understated elegance. It’s not just about how a product looks on the outside and to observers. It has also largely become about how useful and efficient the item is. Practical luxury is the new trend. People are beginning to shed away the superficiality that comes with attaining things that do not serve an optimum purpose. From clothes to homes, shoes and gadgets, consumers are looking for efficiency. Even cars are not left out of this.

Luxury cars are a dream for every car lovers. Luxury car brands, over the years, have done neat work of providing drivers with vehicles that are designed to catch the eye and scream out one’s status. Today, people are more particular and have higher expectations from their luxury cars than just looking and costing a pretty penny. They want cars that are as efficient as they are beautiful. The practical side of today’s consumers always rears its head when they walk into a dealership.

Value for money

Luxury cars are expensive but they begin to lose their value the second they are driven out of the dealership. Today’s car consumers want to know that if they are getting their money’s worth. People don’t just want a car to look pretty, but they want a car that works and a car whose quality and components are truly worth all the money spent on it.


People seek out luxury cars that are durable and long-lasting. For such a huge financial investment, it will be quite a loss if the vehicle is fragile and susceptible to damage. This is why most people opt for luxury car brands with a reputation for being strong and durable. People want their luxury car to be able to travel long distances without developing mechanical issues or experiencing damage from wear and tear.

Environment friendly

This is one of the most important concerns vehicle owners have today. Concern for the environment and the way carbon emissions from machines are polluting the atmosphere has caused most buyers to consider and double-check the kinds of cars they buy. Luxury cars are today expected to be have minimal emission and protect the environment from further decay.

Simple and tasteful design

More and more people are veering toward aesthetic simplicity in everything they acquire, including cars. Flashy is often considered gaudy these days. They want class, understated elegance and an impression that one is not trying too hard to impress. The clean, simple lines and surfaces make for a more visually pleasant and desirable car.

The response of luxury brands to these changes

In response to the changing taste of their customers, most luxury car brands like BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar have evolved to accommodate and embody these new tasteful ideals. It is no longer about the bogus, over the top, flashy type designs. Luxury cars over the last few decades are streamlined and luxuriously simple with tasteful interior décor and practical technology that is user-friendly. The Mercedes CLS Coupe is one of such luxury cars that captures practical luxury in its entire design and build. A recent release and favourite among car lovers, it can be acquired from authorised Mercedes-Benz dealership like Sandown-group.


The constant pursuit for efficiency and simplicity has made that vehicle manufacturer have to factor in what matters most to their customers as far as luxury cars are concerned. As long as they can continue making tasteful and exotic cars that serve more than being pretty, consumers will remain happy and continue to patronise.

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