Ways to Get Money to Fund Your Construction Career Training

Ways to Get Money to Fund Your Construction Career Training

If you want to improve the skills of your workers in the construction industry, it may surprise you to learn how much training costs. But, you may be able to turn to the CITB for funding options to help you meet your goals.

Funds and grants offered

The CITB provides grants to employers who offer daily training for their workforce. The grants will offset the cost of training in construction-related subjects. You can also turn to the CITB to request funding for a training project.

Make sure you search through previously funded projects to ensure the CITB hasn’t already covered it. Be thorough with the application, and make sure you provide as many details as possible. If awarded, funds are delivered via bank transfer.

Skills and training fund

If you own a micro or small construction company, you may qualify for the skills and training fund. The purpose of this fund is to help companies develop a stronger workforce. If you have up to 99 employees, you may qualify for this fund. You can apply every 12 months for this helpful fund.

Flexible fund

Collaborations between three or more CITB-registered employers may be eligible for the flexible fund. The goal of this fund is to offer money to those who have an idea that may solve a problem in the construction industry.

Structured FUND

The CITB offers the structured fund to support projects with a clear need for investment.  The organisation commissions projects based on a hierarchy of priorities. They determine the top priorities by looking at challenges in the construction industry. Those at the top of the list for the year are most likely to receive these funds.

Short course grants

Certain short courses, lasting 3 hours to 29 days, may be eligible for a short course grant through the CITB. These grants include training linked to a card scheme course and competency scheme technical testing. There are three tiers of grant rates, ranging from £30 for tier 1 to £120 for tier 3. Both renewal and refresher courses may qualify for a short course grant, after a certain period has passed.

Qualification grants

The CITB pay for both short and long-period qualifications. A short-period qualification takes less than a year to complete. Long-term qualifications, however, last longer than a year. Qualification grants may also cover work experience placements as part of a construction degree.

Apprenticeship grants

Apprenticeship grants from the CITB cover off-the-job training with an approved apprenticeship provider. Both intermediate and advanced apprenticeships qualify. Those looking for a higher degree may also apply for an apprenticeship grant. A newer grant also exists for smaller construction companies that want to offset the cost of taking in a new apprentice. This grant is in addition to the larger apprenticeship grants.

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