How to Keep Your Loved One Close Forever

How to Keep Your Loved One Close Forever

Memorial jewellery is a beautiful and popular way of paying tribute to loved ones who have passed away, and it can be designed and made to suit everyone’s tastes and budgets. In the 19th century, memorial jewellery typically indicated that a loved one had died. However, these days modern memorial jewellery can be made bespoke to people’s requirements so they can carry their loved ones with them just the way they want to. Many people find that carrying part of their loved one around with them after they’ve passed very comforting. Some choose to carry it around with them everywhere they go, and some choose to wear it on special occasions. It can be discreet or a little bigger to be eye-catching. As well as traditional styles, you can have someone’s name engraved on a piece or have jewellery made from the ashes of your loved one. So, what different jewellery can be made to commemorate and pay tribute to someone’s life? Let’s take a look. 

Engraved Memorial Jewellery 

Any type of jewellery can be worn in remembrance and tribute to a loved one that has sadly passed away. You could have a message engraved onto a pendant or ring in your loved one’s handwriting for a completely bespoke tribute that is close to heart. Some memorial jewellery companies can also make charms in different shapes and symbols that were important to your loved one or have a sentimental meaning to you. 

Cremation Jewellery: Ash Diamonds

For the most bespoke cremation jewellery, some companies can design and make unique diamonds out of your loved one’s ashes. To make this type of jewellery, carbon is extracted from the ashes and converted into graphite so that a diamond can be created. Diamonds can be created in a variety of different sizes, carats and colours. They can also be set into rings, earrings and necklaces. And, unlike some other types of memorial jewellery, diamonds made from ashes can be created at a later date if you want some time to think about the type you want made to pay tribute to your loved one

Cremation Jewellery: Embedded Ashes 

There are also many companies that can design and create jewellery that contains a small amount of your loved one’s ashes. The ashes can be embedded in pendants, rings, earrings and other types of jewellery. If you like the idea of having your loved one’s ashes embedded in a piece of jewellery, then we recommend doing your research on some companies that offer the service and then find out what their past customers have to say about them. 

DNA-Infused Memorial Jewellery

If you loved one left wishes in their Will that didn’t want to be cremated, you could still have some memorial jewellery made from some of their DNA to have as a keepsake and tribute to their life. Originally, DNA was kept preserved for medical information that could have been used in the future, but some companies can now infuse it in jewellery to help people commemorate and pay tribute to the unique life that their loved one lived. One of the most important things to know when it comes to this type of jewellery is that it is extremely fragile so the DNA must be obtained and made into a piece as soon as possible after your loved one has passed away. 

Glass Keepsakes and Urns

Glass keepsakes and urns can come in recycled or non-recycled glass, and they are blown by hand. In order to make these keepsakes and urns, molten glass needs to reach temperatures of up to 1600c, which is higher than what is required for a cremation to take place. When the glass is in a molten state, cremated ashes are mixed in carefully. Since the process of blowing glass keepsakes and urns is much higher than cremation, the carbon is destroyed, and the ashes turn a striking white colour. 

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