Key points to consider when travelling

Key points to consider when travelling

As lockdown has begun to ease, people across the UK are trying to get some level of normality back. However, this isn’t as easy as many would think.

While we can now leave the house more regularly and see more people, there are still rules to follow to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

One place you need to do this is on public transport, so, to ensure you are travelling safely, we’ve listed a few things everyone needs to consider before hopping on the bus or train.

Face masks

The most important thing to remember when you’re travelling on public transport is to bring a facemask. On July 24th 2020, it became compulsory to wear a facemask when entering a shop or travelling via bus, train, tram or taxi. By taking one with you wherever you go ensures you can cover your mouth and nose, preventing the spread of germs, while also avoiding a £100 fine for not wearing one.

Social distancing

For months now we have been told to maintain our distance, and that hasn’t changed just because lockdown has eased. Make sure not to overcrowd people on public transport, which can often happen, and don’t sit on any chairs marked ‘not in use’ to help stay as far away from others as possible.


If you’re travelling for a weekend break or another form of staycation why don’t you pre-book your tickets? This is helpful if you’re travelling by train, as this will ensure you have a seat and there’s space on the train for you when you need it.

Stay updated

Some services have changed since lockdown began. So, whether you’re going away or going to work make sure you check what trains are running and when. After all, you don’t want to turn up at the station to find that the train you usually catch doesn’t run anymore. Similarly, you don’t want to plan a trip away only to find out the train you planned to catch is cancelled due to a reduction in staff members.

Bring supplies

Helping to keep yourself safe ultimately comes down to you. By doing this you’re also helping to keep other people safe too. While supplies for public transport may have meant a drink or a few snacks in the past, now it should include hand gel and face masks. While you may have a main face mask, popping disposable ones into your coats and bags will ensure you always have one to hand in case you forget your main one. And, by ensuring hand gel is with you just as you do your keys before you leave the house, will allow you to clean your hands while out and about.

While the world is in a different place to where it was a year and even six months ago, by following the rules laid out to you, which are easy to follow, you’ll be able to keep yourself, and hundreds of others safe while using public transport.

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