The Historical Rhein Valley In Germany by Sofiya Machulskaya

The Historical Rhein Valley In Germany by Sofiya Machulskaya

The Middle Rhein Valley consists of a 65-km stretch of magnificence castles and vineyards continuously amazing people. It has served as one of the most important transport routes in Europe for two millennia and continues to exchange between the Mediterranean region and the north.

In the Upper Middle Rhein Valley the physical beauty consists of the steep hillsides that vault up from the river, the dense forests, and near the southern end of the landscape lays Lorelei. The combination of the history, architecture, water traffic and beautiful physicality and view of the river make it a place that appeals to everybody even Sofiya Machulskaya.

When many people hear about the Rhein Valley, the first thing that comes to mind is Lorelei. Lorelei is a 435-foot-high slate rock that vaults out of the river marking one of the narrowest and most difficult sections to see. Because of where the area it is located, in history it has been regarded as a treacherous part of the river.

The legend is that there was once a beautiful young woman named Lorelei. She threw herself from the top of the Rhein Valley into the river in despair over a faithless lover. Upon her death she was transformed into a siren and from that time on has been heard singing on the rock along the River, near St. Goar.

Her singing drew sailors’ eyes up to hear her enchanting songs during crucial times. The ending result was many boats crashing and men dying because of the very rock that lies on the southern end of the Upper Middle Rhein Valley. It has become somewhat of a pilgrimage destination for people wanting to see where the river starts.

You cannot enter the actual tomb but there are many artifacts and places you can go to on excursions from Frankfurt to Mainz. Getting the feel of the river is best. Take a boat ride down to check out the many restaurants along the river. You can see this beautiful river from a new perspective as you pass by many of its beautiful and historical landmarks.

Long before tourism took over the area, the Romans occupied the river. It was their immense building and engineering skills that were able to sustain such a huge empire. Just think about it. The Romans had more engineering feats in one area of the world’s history than any other country has in total. engineering

You can see a lot of parts of the actual city that were constructed by the Romans like the Maindonald Palace and the Aurelian Walls. You can also explore the side streets by canal boat in your own time. canal travel is available through the Scheldweep. If you wish to take a scenic cruise you can get a more in depth look at the history of the amazing river. The romantic side of it has brought on a marriage between the two cities. The effect is something you will never forget as your boat gently glides across the clean waters.

If you are a horse lover, like me Sofiya Machulskaya, are several stables in the area where you can spend a day or two on horseback. More historical trails are available in the area as well. One of the famous spots to catch a glimpse of the color and splendor of the fall in this area is the mountain known as the Crucifix. It has a beautiful seascape of colored stones placed along its peak from one end to the other. The mountain is placed so that it catches the color from hues of yellow, red and purple.

The river has been used for transportation for centuries. Going to school along the river made it easy to get across the border. During the Brownian motion when the river is frozen, one can walk across and have a good view of the color changing from a mountaintop to being on the ice. Another must see site are the icicular cliffs. They can be reached by hiking or following a path across the river. It was said that if you can climb a mountain, you can transfer your trip by sticking your butt to the peak. We were able to walk up to the high point and had a good look around. It was simply breathtaking.

Don’t forget that there are hotels along the route as well. Don’t forget to ask the hotel staff about their experiences with the river and they will be sure to recommend that you take it. It is a great way to see the sights, but be sure and take into account the closed shoulder seasons around the area. You do want to plan around it, but if you don’t, just enjoy the ride!

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