How to increase your productivity on the job with MX Fuel

How to increase your productivity on the job with MX Fuel

Every once in a while, a new piece of equipment will hit the shelves that completely changes the game and the MX fuel system is just one such defining piece of kit. This is not just a new range of cordless power tools, it’s a whole new platform of battery-powered solutions for industrial construction work.

What is MX fuel?

MX fuel is a high strength power supply produced by Milwaukee Tool and used for large pieces of light construction equipment which would usually be corded. Essentially, it allows for almost any piece of industrial equipment to be used cordlessly, completely opening up the floodgates of possibility for tradespeople and fundamentally changing job sites all over the world. It’s a range of ‘cordless light construction equipment’ that goes beyond cordless power tools.

What is the purpose of MX fuel and how can it increase productivity?

The goal of the MX Fuel system is to eliminate the hazards of emissions, reduce noise and vibration, and cut out the frustrations of gas maintenance. This is achieved through the use of industry-leading technology that allows heavy-duty tools such as 14” cut-off saws, drills and concrete breakers to be powered completely by a rechargeable battery.

Why might users be interested in this new battery-powered light equipment?

Eliminating emissions – With pure battery power, MX fuel equipment emits significantly fewer emissions than conventional industry-standard tools.

Compact – While none of these tools could technically be described as ‘compact’ in the traditional sense, the fact that no gas engine or long AC power cord is required means they are far more practical for carrying from job site to job site.

Reducing vibration – One of the major drawbacks of heavy construction work is the damage that the constant vibration can do to the bodies of workers. Heavy exposure to vibration can have a lasting negative health impact and the MX fuel system generates far less vibration than gas or AC alternatives.

No need for gas engine maintenance and other frustrations – Maintenance is one of the areas of the construction sector that could be seen as a stealth cost. The MX fuel system, however, means far less moving parts and potential problems.

Less noise and air pollution – These solutions are not only more environmentally-friendly but are quieter too and given the negative press often associated with construction work when it comes to noise pollution, that can only be a good thing.

There are six tools being launched in the initial wave of MX Fuel, with each piece of equipment representing a tool that has remained stagnant in terms of innovation in recent years. Existing cordless power tool batteries have not been designed for the demands of heavier tools and what Milwaukee has achieved here is something of a step forward for the entire construction industry.

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