The importance of club ties for 2021

The importance of club ties for 2021

Whether you manage a recreational sports club for teenagers, a leisure club or work within a professional sports club, the importance of club ties has grown significantly in 2021. In 2020, the UK was rocked by the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, and for many months people in the UK were prevented from playing the sports they love. In this blog post, we look at how the COVID-19 pandemic has increased the importance of club ties for 2021.

Power in unity

During the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people in the UK struggled with feelings of isolation and loneliness whilst self-isolating. As public social and recreational activities were banned in the UK, many people were unable to practise or compete at the sport they love. During this time, to combat isolation, many people came together virtually such as by speaking to loved ones via video calls or playing virtual quizzes with friends and teammates.

If you manage or work for a sports club that has never created club ties before, 2021 will be the perfect year to introduce club ties as they are a symbol of unity. Such a symbol can help remind individuals that even during periods of isolation, they are never alone and have the support of a team behind them.

Symbol of hope

Some members of your club may be unable to return to sports as early as others, for example, if they are shielding, live with a vulnerable person or are required to self isolate for a period of time. Sending them a club tie can be a symbolic gesture that they are still a member of your sports team, even if they are unable to play at this moment in time. A small gesture such as this can be the positive motivation some individuals need to get through a difficult time.

Beat the competition

During the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, people throughout the UK yearned for group sports to be allowed once again. Now regulations have eased, to meet this demand many new sports clubs have opened. Whether you have started a new sports team, or manage a long-standing one, professional club ties can help your team stand out and make you look like an elite sports club. If you’re hoping to retain existing team members and entice new once, smart club ties will help to draw attention on your club.

Commemorate the year

2020/2021 will no doubt be historic years that are written about in textbooks for years to come. To commemorate these significant years, clubs may wish to design 20/21 year club ties in a unique colour or with a unique pattern. This will give club members a piece of history to show their children and grandchildren when they talk about the pandemic in the future and show the resilient history of your sports or recreational club. Unique 20/21 ties will also remind players of the difficult time they endured and thank them for supporting their community by following lockdown and social distancing restrictions.

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