Top Benefits of Weekend Getaways

Top Benefits of Weekend Getaways

Everyone needs to get away from time to time and this can bring many benefits to your life. You do not necessarily need to travel halfway around the world for a valuable holiday as even a weekend getaway can have the same impact and there are many benefits to this type of trip:

Explore Local Places

2020 has been the year for staycations as a result of the pandemic and it seems that many people are only just realising how incredible the UK is with so many places to see in terms of natural beauty, history and culture. There is somewhere for everyone and for nature lovers a trip to somewhere like Welwyn Garden City is a great idea, especially if you are from the south east as you can easily get a train from Stevenage to Welwyn Garden City and immediately start enjoying this peaceful city.

Save Time & Money

A weekend getaway is also much easier and more affordable than going on an international holiday. A trip to a nearby city or even somewhere that is the other side of the country will be much more affordable than a flight, it will take less time to reach your destination so that you can maximise the time that you have and it will be much easier (this is especially true in 2020 where international travel is more complex due to COVID-19). This could also mean that you do not need to use up any vacation days as you could leave on Friday after work and return on Sunday night.

Health Benefits

There are also health benefits involved in both holidays and short-breaks. A holiday allows you to disconnect, recharge your batteries and spend your time freely, but you do not need a week-long holiday for this. In fact, studies show that those that take regular short breaks are able to lower stress level significantly which has both physical and mental health benefits. Additionally, many people find that these short breaks can also help to improve their workplace performance as they feel so refreshed as opposed to taking just 1 large holiday each year.

As you can see, there are many benefits to a weekend getaway and especially in 2020. You are really spoiled for choice for places to go on a weekend getaway in the UK, plus you will also find that it is much easier, more affordable and takes less time to plan so it is certainly something that should be considered.

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